Monday, March 25, 2013


On a sunny, fun cheering day SPX had Athletics. We had a colourful shades that our house teams stayed under so the sun wouldn't burn our skin. When Room 3 got changed we put on our colourful T-Shirts and our sun cream and our house colour and age on our hand so that people knew that we were in that group.

The day began, we lined up outside and got ready to go to our house team. We went to the field where our Shade colour was and sat down and we started off with prayer, so it could be a lovely time at our Athletics. The ten year olds had to go to Mrs Deeney, she was doing the bean bag shuttle. We had to line up in our teams, it was only five of us in Geckos but we were fast and quick. We got our bags and we ran to the first cone the Mrs Denney said “Go!” and Geckos were cheering for me when I was picking up the bean bags one at a time, then I put it inside the bag and moved on to the next one and I came 2nd because Jane is very fast at running. We then moved on to the next person in our group and when we finished we went to the High jump with Mr Coakley.

We lined up in one line to start running and jumping, I was scared when I was running. I couldn’t make it over the bar because the ten year olds and the parents were watching and they made me get goose-bumps and nervous feeling. Mr Coakley said “Come on, do your best” and I ran and ran and jumped but it was in the wrong time so I hit the pole and I fell over so I thought I won’t be in the finals because I am not going make it. We had another turn so Mr Coakley said he wouldn’t test it, he would give us a chance. Some of the students made it and some didn’t but I was amazed that Catherine could make it to the top three Champions, they had a higher jump. Catherine from Kiwis and Frank from Tuis and also Misiotei from Mighty Geckos were the top three.

Lot’s more happened during the day and I was really tired at the end of it all.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Smart Footprint

To be a Smart Footprint never put your last name on your blog or you're writing something about yourself and don’t share your password for your email or your Eftpos don’t share your phone number and your email to anyone because someone might come and steal your things or do bad things to you. When you are creating your password for your email or to log in try mix it with numbers and letters and keep your email private to yourself don’t use your name,age and your pets name.


This story is about a boy his name is Stanley and his family always get bad luck. He lived with his mum and dad and when he goes to school he gets bullied by other kids at school and his friends names at the naughty boy camp are Zero, Squid and Armpit and his teachers name is Mr Sir. Stanley’s nickname was Caveman.

I don’t like the story because he gets bully and also his family have bad luck.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hooker Sea Lion

The Hooker Sea Lion can only be find on the beach. The pups are born in the middle of December before Christmas and their mothers teach them how to swim on the rock pools.

The Sea Lion’s favourite place is underneath the Rata Tree because the trees keep them away from the wind.

When the Sea Lions are hungry they go and eat Squid, fish and octopus. The males have black/dark brown coats and the female Sea Lions have a lighter colour coat.

Some of the Sea Lions get killed by sharks and whales when they are born and so they need to try and get to Auckland Island to have their pups and to shelter beneath the Rata trees.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


My Identity is what makes me who I am. It is what I do and where I belong. My Identity makes me special and unique.

Soul Friend

My Soul friend’s name is Olidah, she is seven years old and her favourite subject is Maths because she like numbers. Olidah’s favourite colour is Purple because it is the colour of lent and her favourite thing to do at school is playing with her friends because she gets to have a lot of times with her friends.

Soul friends means people who are there to help, guide and listen to each other and be their when they are need each other.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Triathlon is a fitness sport that helps you get fit. There are three special events in triathlon, they are Swim, Bike and run. In the transition don’t ride the bikes or you will get a penalty. The triathlon people who train us their names were Blair, Lance and Adrian. We had to compete fairly and ride our bikes and run around the blue flags to the finish line after we went 4 times on the water slide.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Autobiographic Poem

1.Tokilupe F.
2. Funny, Happy, Excellence.
3. Sister of Folauhola.
4. Who loves Pizza, Drink and Lollies.
5. Who feels good about sleeping.
6. Who needs help, Friends and family.
7. Who gives Food, Clothes and shoes.
8. Who fears Scary person, Big Dogs.
9. Who would like to see Kevin Locke,
10. Who dreams of going to America.
11. A Student at Saint Pius X Catholic School.
12. Lupe

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Speech for Sina.

This story is about a girl called Sina who has to write a speech for school.
She was very worried it so her Dad offered to help her because he had to write a speech too. The mother cooked Chop Suey and the family it together. It was so delicious Sina decided to write her speech about “Mum’s Chop Suey”.