Thursday, April 30, 2015

Solomon Wise King

Hi Guys, This week I have been learning about Holy Spirit Strand.
This is my presentation about Solomon the Wise king. Hope you Enjoy! :) BYE

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Holy Spirit :)

Today I have been learning about Re.
I learnt that the holy spirit was with the disciples, on pentecost day.
The disciples was scared but at the end they weren't scared any more because the holy spirit filled them with confident. Next time I'm going to learn more about the Holy Spirt Strand.

Anzac Vocabulary

Vocabulary :Anzac Five meanings.
Battle ~ Attack, Clash,War,Bloodshed & Ravage.
Memorial ~ In tribute, Celebration, Remembering, Achieve, Record.
Poppy ~ Flower,Reminder,Remembering, Drug, Red.
Soldiers ~ Army,Warrior,Guard,Officer, Responsibilities.
Weapons ~ Bomb,Frag,Guns,Firearm,Tear gas.

Anzac Letter

Letter to those students who did not come:
Hi guys!, Today’s mass was amazing, wish you guys came!
But never mind, I will write about it. Hope you guys enjoy!

When I got to school I rushed back to class , got my poppy put the icelock in the freezer. Because we are having Sausage sizzle today.

Today was a special day for us New Zealanders and for the Australians. Straight after mass we went to the grotto, where Mary and Jesus Statue are. The whole school stood in the front, Each class said their own parts, we said the prayers and we sang the national anthem.

You can just feel and imagine, what the people that fought in the WW1 had has gone through, You can just imagine what they were doing listening to that quite sad song. "The Last Post" When we were listening, I was scared, I felt sorry for those who lost their Husband and relatives.

Wish you guys were here to look at it and listen to those beautiful readers, that were reading at mass. We took photos, had the Nz Flags, flowers.
These white crosses will reminds us of those we had fought in the WW1.
 Today amazing and lovely.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Acoustic poem for Halamehi :)

H - is for Halamehi
A- is for Achieve
Image result for love hearts and smiley face
L- is for Love
A- Apprieciate
M- is for Manage
E- is for Engage
H- is for Honsty
I-is for Intergrity

Dear Halamehi, you have been such a great, lovely, kind person to all of us.
We all hope that you will have a great time with you family at Australia, we hope you
will still remember us. We will miss you so much! Thank you for all the hard work that you have done,
to us and the years that you've been with us, hope this cheers you up, & not make you upset. LOL

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reflection about First Tee

Image result for first tee golfReflection about First Tee
During this Term we have been playing kiwi sport, which was First Tee. Our coach (Mr. Thompson), We all have improved our skills and we learnt new things.

This was my first time playing First Tee and I love it, once we got used to it, it got harder & harder. We played heaps of games but I don’t remember, every week Mr. Thompson always says a virtue every single week. Which is Courtesy,Integrity,Honesty, Obey and Respect. (Others before yourself)

First tee is Golf but it’s similar, but our coach calls it different.
When we were playing First Tee with the soft ball, not the REAL one! The golf bat that we were playing with is hard, you can hurt someone on the head. Its really dangerous.

So in the beginning of each lesson we talked about specific virtues. It was fun, he taught us how to do the setup which is left hand, right hand,left foot, right foot, pigu putt and then shoot!  

He has inspired many of us, First Tee was my favourite kiwi sport this term. Can’t wait for next term’s Kiwi-sport.