Saturday, November 30, 2013


Book Review:
Title: Quack, Quack!
Arthur: Andersen Press
Illustrator: Philippe Dupasquier

Plot: This story is about a lady who moved in next door to Vicki’s neighbourhood. The lady’s name was Mrs Spike. Mrs Spike brought   a Duck. The Duck was singing its little song. Vicki’s Mum and Dad were annoying from Mrs Spikes Duck. Dad brought a another duck and Mrs Spikes said that is too noisy.  So Mrs Spikes and Dad had a decision to built a big pond for Dad’s duck and Mrs Spike’s Duck.  and her ponds. The duck had lived in a big Island and the mother duck had lay an egg.
Mrs Spike’s Duck is noisy and Mum, Dad, Vicki and Ben can’t do anything because of that stupid duck.
Dad shared the pond with Mrs Spikes pond and built it together for a big Islands for the two ducks.
Your opinion of the story:
I enjoyed the book because Dad and Mrs Spikes shared the pond and they builded it more bigger for the ducks to have and big Island. Mother Duck had lay an egg.
Illustration of a character doing something from the story
Here is a picture of the Mother Duck and the Father Duck on their Island. Mother Duck had lay an egg.

Culture Day Recount

On Friday 22th November, When I woke up I was sad because I missed out on the Cultural day. My sister and Brothers went to school and they said “ Yay! We have cultural day today”! I wish I wasn’t sick so I could go to school. Because it was boring at home staying in bed. But it was fun with my Mum and my little brother at home.

When we dropped off my brother and sister to school, I saw some the girls from Room 3 and I wished I was at school because I missed out of the Cultural day. I was worried who is going to say my part of the script out for my presentation. I hoped the people from Argentina would do well and not get nervous also that they would do well with their dance. My Mum and my little brother and me went to the shops and brought us some groceries.

We went home and had breakfast, I watched T.V with my little brother, then my Dad called my Mum and asked us to go to his work because we needed to bring his papers because he left them at home. We went and gave them to him. I was watching the clock move to 2.00pm. I said to my Mum “Mum, it’s 2.00pm now” My Mum said “ Let’s go and pick up Folauhola and your brothers”. I said “Bye” to my Dad.

We arrived to school. I saw on the field that room 6 was playing Touch and some of the girls from Room 6 was playing tiggy in the big Park. I watched them play then the bell rang and they left. I saw some of the patrols and the teacher. My sister and brother came and I asked them “was the culture day fun?” they all said “Yes! it was amazing and it was cool” My sister said that “Room 3’s one was the best and the dance was cool.” I asked “Did anyone say my script?” Folauhola said “Yes! it was Kalolaine.” I smiled then we went home and they told me everything that happened on the Cultural Day.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Argentina Presentation

On Friday last week we presented our information we discovered about Argentina.  We had a great time presenting to the syndicate.  Here is our presentation and a film of us presenting it.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ten Fast Fingers!

This Term I got 75 and that was my highest score! I was so exciting that this was my highest score because I've tried my best to get more than 5 & 6. Yeah! Today Room 3 had a Typing challenged and I got 64 :)

Comparing Communion of Saints

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I can't believe I got a higher score. This term I tried my best to get my best score on Ten Fast Fingers. Guest What! My Highest score is 75!!!! :)

Xtra Maths!

Wow! I can't believe my highest score on Xtra maths is 60. I will try my best to get a better result this term. :)

Communion of Saints

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Xtra Maths :)

Wow! My highest score on Xtra Maths is 50! :) Today I went on Xtra Maths and I tried my best to get a good and better result for my audience to look at it. Take a look at it :) Yay!

Ariana Grande :)

Ariana Grande is the person who inspires me. Why I choose her was because she inspires me by singing and she has got a nice, high voice. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Film Festival :)

This is going to be exciting! On 13th November Saint Pius X School went to the Sylvia park to watch our movies. When the bell rang the whole school went to the hall. We said our pray and sang the school prayer then at 9:30AM the bus had arrived to our school, there were two buses waiting for us.

We arrived to the Sylvia Park and there were other buses parking and I saw Glen Innes Primary school and Panmure Bridge school. When we went inside the theatre we already saw some other schools in there and Miss G and Mr Coakley and the presenters from our school. It was so exciting to watch other schools movies. It took a while the movie to start. Room 3 from Saint Pius X School started.

The Film Festival has been going for 6 years, it started in 2007. Alecia and Patrick were our presenters and they were good. Patrick was a little bit nervous but some of the students from the other school’s didn’t notice that. We watched our movie, the song of our movie was Roar by Katy Perry. Our movies name was Success!. It was fun seeing our smiles.

The other school had their turn to show their movies. The names of our movies from Saint Pius X School were Lockdown, Success, Faith and Harmony - Friends and Nana Mihi and the Rainbow. There were 5 schools at the theatre. There was going to be lots of movies showing at night. Alecia and Patrick would be presenting our movies and Sommerville School’s ones at night. Sommerville is a special school. We watched about 17 movies that morning. I was uncomfortable sitting on the Hoyts chairs.

When we finished the movies and a boy said something about the Manaiakalani then we went back to school and had our lunch. Some of us were tired and hungry.

My favourite movie that I watched from the other schools was The Magic Teacher. The Magic Teacher was a movie filmed by St. Patricks School. The movie was about their Teacher where she knew what the boy was doing on his netbook. The boy’s name was Folau, he went to the tunnel with his netbook and played games. The teacher snapped him and I got shocked when the teacher appeared.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reading Test! :)

Today at class in Room 3 I was wondering if Miss G would call out my name to go to Reading test because my favourite subject is Reading.

When we finished out prayer and we packed it up with our reviler teacher Miss Denny. The ring began to ring! Ring! Ring! I crossed my fingers and I closed my eyes and Miss Denny was talking then she shut the phone and she called out "Albert and Tokilupe go to the Peace room". I opened my eyes and I smiled then we walked out of the classroom and ran to the Peace room and Miss G was there with Kanesini. Miss G gave I and Albert a book to read. My first book's name was The Greatest Mountains. I read the book twice so I can understand what it means. 

Then Miss G told me to come and she said " You will read me the story and I will tell some questions about the book". I read and read to the end of the story and Miss G said out some questions to me and she said " What is the story about"? I said "The story is about Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed up the highest mountains in the entire world. Which is called Mount Everest. Then I have to read my Second book and the name was Snowboarding and I did the same like the first time I went to Miss G. She asked me the same and she gave me another book which is the 3rd and the name of the 3rd book was called Dogs should be on the leash.

My eyes were shocked that I am actually reading four books in my reading Test. Because I haven't read any books like up two 32 only one so I think I did tried my best this term. Same thing again and I moved on to my 4th book and I felt sorry for Miss G because she has to do all of that to test me and asked me questions about the book that I read. So when I finished reading my 4th book I went back to class and called Asipeli for Miss G. It took me half an hour or an hour with Miss G testing. It was kind of fun with her. She was cool. She's the best Teacher I've been through this year and this term and also Mrs Denny. :) Miss G said "I moved on to Level 24 to 28 and I was proud of myself that I moved up so yeah! :)

I was all tired when I came back from reading test and I missed out my Maths and I finished my Art and Writing. So Yeah that is all I was telling about. :) I hope you enjoy Gracious! My favourite book that I read was Snowboarding, The greatest Mountains and why dogs should be on Leash.

Galaxy Note 3! :)

Hi Everyone! What up!

Today when I and my sister came back from school. My Mum said that she got a new phone and I thought it was just the mini phones. But then when I saw it Damm! My eyes were so shocked and it cool and big. My hands were shaking when I touched it and it comes out with a pen at the bottom of it and it so fun. I and my Twin sister download some games onto my Mum's phone and it was so cool touching it and it was so shiny and Awesome! I can't describe the phone to you, Audience who is reading my blog. :)

Tomorrow I and my sister and Mum are going to shopping tomorrow and we are going on the train and I can't wait and we are going to Sylvia Park to check my new phone! I am excited to get my new phone and look at it and play on it. :) AMAZING! :) Thank you God! :) May God bless you!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Practise Prompt 6!

Characters: Lola,Max and AJ. Pilly and Mum and Dad.
Problem: Lola’s Pet had no one to play with.
Solution: To go to the beach and there was a puppy and the puppy played with AJ.

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved playing with her dog but the girl was always busy going to school and doing her homework. The girl’s name was Lola. Lola always take care of her dog and she wished a pet or someone can play with her dog. But her Mum and Dad was busy too because Lola was the only kid and girl from her family.

One day on a sunny day Lola and her Mum and Dad went to the beach and Lola. Lola saw a puppy running on the beach and Lola had a problem she wanted someone to play with her dog. Lola and her dog sat down and the puppy ran over to Lola’s dog and Lola’s Dog name is AJ and AJ was licking Lola and Lola was happy that the puppy had played with AJ. The owner of AJ’s friends name is Max and Max said "Finally there is a dog to play with my puppy”! Lola and Max was happy that a puppy has played with their pets. Max’s puppy’s name is Pilly. Lola’s problem was washed away. Lola and AJ and also Max’s Pet had a celebrate and also with Lola’s Mum and Dad and they lived happily ever after and now Lola can do her work and homework instead of thinking of about AJ alone.

My Best Friend!

My Best friend is Rachel and Rosrine. Rachel is a year six and Rosrine  is year five and they always help me through at school and when I am stuck I just asked one of them or if they are busy I ask the person next to me. Rosrine is actually my cousin. She's funny and she makes jokes when we go to play outside and Rachel She is a really good shooter and a good netball player so I am lucky to have these two bestfriends. There are more friends that I have but I don't have a photo of them. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Favourite High Heels!

I juz wanted to share with you audience with my Likes. This is a photo of my favourite heels. There's more but I am running out of time because I need to do my chores and it very cool. Sometimes you just don't feel like it but once you'll do it you won't feel like it. Enjoy! HATERS DON'T HATE!! YOLO :)

Netbook Journey!

Hello every,

Today at school my teacher Miss G allowed the students who takes their Net-books home and I am taking my Net-book everyday. After school I am on my Net-book and I need to finished my homework and I need to focus on it today. So I can finished a little bit tomorrow with my reliever teacher. Tomorrow morning we are having a Reading Test Tomorrow. 

I will be prepare for my Reading test. I've got Pencil ready and I am ready for my breakfast tomorrow morning. I need to take my tablets from the nurse about Rheumatic Fever and the nurses said that my throat is horrible so they are aware of that. Bye! Need to finished my Homework!  I am going to show you some photos with me juz chillenz around and some of them I fell so juz ingorn hahah Enjoy :)

Prompt 5!

Characters: Austin, Poppie,Josh and Rose.
Problems: Austin and Poppie got marks from the old Vacuum.
Solution: Josh and Rose throw the Vacuum in the Trash bin.

Once upon a time there was a family lived in Cartago. The Mother’s name was Rose and the Father’s name was Josh. They were always a happy family and they always play spend time with their childrens.
Rose had two childrens with Josh and they were a girl and a boy.
The girl’s name was Poppie and the boy’s name was Austin. They were always happy like their Mother and Father.

One day they went shopping and they brought lots of food and lots of toys. When Austin and Poppie went home they wanted to play with the Vacuum because they both knew it was fun and it make you laugh with the air. Rose and Josh shouted upstairs to Austin “You better watch out before it hurt one of yous”. Austin was happy and they went home and they and got the vacuum and they turned it on. Austin was first and he blowed it and it was ticklish and he laughed. It was Poppie turn and it made her laughed too and it was ticklish. Then Austin and Poppie played and Played on it then these marks were on their faces.
Poppie and Austin were scared and they ran downstairs and showed Rose and Josh.

Josh was worried and Rose and Josh took Poppie and Austin to the doctor. When they got to the Doctor they went to Dr.Vile and Dr.Vile said “The marks on Austin’s face it getting bad. Because the Vacuum belongs to a country in North. The man who made this Vacuum was John Master and he was a good man but he died long time ago and he made his own Vacuum in North. Josh didn’t understand how did it came here. Dr.Vile said because he sold it here then we died. Dr. Vile said “This Vacuum is too old to use because it gets marks on other people and when you Vacuum the house. Josh and Rose took the Vacuum to the the trash bin and Dr. Vile gave Popie and Austin some medicines and the Dr. Vile said that Austin’s marks is worser than Popppie. So Austin and Poppie said Thank You to Dr. Vile and they swallowed the tablet that Dr. Vile gave them and they swallowed once daily.

Poppie and Austin marks on their faces was getting better and Austin and Poppie was happy and they said to each “We will never turned on the Vacuum and blow it on our faces. Poppie and the little happy family celebrated their night with a fun evening and they celebrate Rose birthday! The little family from Cartago lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Practise Prompt 4

Characters: Jason, Elizabeth, Mum Jade and Dad is Tony.
Settings the Scene: Outside their House.
Problem: There was a Monster that belongs to India.  

Once upon a Time there lived a small family in a house it big and the house was so beautiful. Jason and Elizabeth went outside to play Basketball. They heard a noise. Elizabeth was horrified Jason. “Jason, Jason can you hear that?” Whispered Elizabeth.

Jason couldn't hear anything but they were silent for about 2 seconds and they heard a sound it was BEEP! BONG! TONG! Jason was scared and they both ran inside the house and they told Tony and Jade. Jade got the phone and Tony got the bat. The family went outside and they looked above the trees and they look under the trees and everywhere. they looked everywhere and then they saw a Monster! Elizabeth and Jason was screaming! AHHH AHH! “ That’s the monster that made us scared”!!!!!!! Elizabeth and Jason ran inside the house and hid under their bed. Elizabeth and Jason were silent. Tony and Jade hit the monster and it was jumpy around the trees and it was scary. It had big yellow eyes and it makes childrens scared. Tony and Jade thought it was cute.

When Tony picked up the monster Jade whispered “Watch out before it do something to you”? Tony walked with the monster carefully and Tony was acting to the monster that he is going to feed the monster. But Tony Shouted “Jade grab the cage and called Elizabeth and Jason downstairs”! Jade grabbed the Cage and Tony put the monster inside the cage and lock it up. Jade went upstairs and called Jason and Elizabeth downstairs. Jade said “It alright Tony’s got it”. Jason and Elizabeth were so excited and they ran downstairs and Tony and Jade hugged them all and The monster began to bite Jason and Jason Screamed !” Ouch”!!!! Tony got shocked and Tony and Jade went to the Vet and they both told the Vet “If they know where does this monster belongs to or which country he belong to”?

The Vet Lady said it belong to India and Tony asked “ If this monster can send back to India”? The Vet lady said “Yes there is a Van waiting for all those monster because they are very Danger” The monster can kill humans.  The Vet lady took the monster to a room and put it inside the van with all those monsters who belongs to Indian. Tony and Jade droved back home and told Elizabeth and Jason and Jason and Elizabeth was so happy and excited and not scared. The family lived happily ever after and they celebrate the night with a party with their friends and Family. The family shouted out loud “This was a Long Journey for this day”!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Prompt Practise 3!

Once upon a there were two girls born and their names were Jasmine and Nicole. They loved to go to the Zoo and their favourite animals were the Elephant, even though Elephant is big and large and they can hurt us but they both loved them.

When Jasmine and Nicole woke up they went to the Zoo. When they went to the zoo they saw their favourite animal the Elephant. The Elephant was trapped in a cage. The other cage there were heaps of people trapped in a cage too and they were all squashed. Jasmine and Nicole helped get rid of the tigers that were attacking the people and the Elephants and all the animals. The workers of the Zoo were inside the cage too. Jasmine and Nicole were trying to get the Tigers inside the cage and lock them up, but the tigers were so tough and huge.

Suddenly the Elephants saw Jasmine and Nicole and the they jumped the cage and the Elephants jumped and broked the cage then the elephants came running down the tigers and the tiger were so nervous and scared. The Tiger ran to the other side but there way to get out. Jasmine and Nicole opened the cage and helped the people and the workers out so they can put the tiger in the cage. The tiger were so red and they were angry and noisy when Jasmine and the people locked away the four tigers away. When the tigers were locked away the people and the workers were all happy and they cheered and they said “Jasmine and Nicole you guys have saved our lives!"

The people and the workers all cheered and they were happy. The workers and Jasmine and Nicole decided to send the tigers back to where they belonged. The tigers belonged to South Africa and that is where all the tigers families are. Jasmine and Nicole agreed to
take the tigers back because they might hurt the Elephants again and also the people who visit the Zoo. The people and Jasmine and also Nicole lived happily ever after. They all celebrated the night and they were happy they celebrated also with Fireworks.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Prompt Writing 2

Once upon a time there was a girl who was a mermaid. The girl’s name was Laura and her brother’s name was Lucas. Laura and Lucas went to the beach and it had heaps of people. Laura was scared to show herself to everyone, that she was a mermaid.

Laura loved the water and she wished she could swim at the beach but Lucas needed to take Laura back to Rhode Island. Rhode Island is where Laura’s Mother is. Laura’s mother is a mermaid too and her name is Flora. Flora is the Queen of Rhode Island.

Flora told Laura if she wanted to change herself back to normal then she needed to go to Rhode Island and use the power normal. Laura remembered what her mother said to change her back. They went to Rhode Island and said Hi to their Mum.

Flora was proud to see Lucas and Laura. She said to her son and daughter. “Why are you guys here?” Laura said “Mother I came to change back to normal” Flora went to the power room and took out a long golden and blue stick. It was flashing and shiny. Flora said “Pricha, Pricha, Normal, Normal” Laura was back to normal and she was happy and excited to be able to swim at the beach with her friends.

Flora said “Kids remember to take care of yourself, one day I will be back to normal but I am just taking care of the things in here because we have a tournament to fight the Meman”. Laura wanted to help her mother but it was too late, she is back to normal and the fight was nearly starting. Laura and Lucas needed to go back, they missed their mum.

When they got to the beach there were still heaps of people laying down on the sand and some were swimming. Laura and Lucas raced to the beach and Laura couldn’t believe that she was actually swimming in front of a mass of people. Laura and Lucas had a good swim in the sea. When Laura and Luca got back home they were surprised that their mother Flora was back home and she was normal. “Mum, you’re here. Why are you here?” Flora said “I am here because I wanted to stay with you because I have missed you” Laura asked “Mum did you guys win the fight with the seals?” Flora said “Yes! my darling we scared them off and took back our water that they took” Flora and Laura and also Lucas lived happily ever after.