Monday, September 30, 2013

Holiday Recount 3

The Happy Days
Hi Everyone! Are you guys having fun! :)

Last night I and my sisters and my little brother and my Mum went to a Restaurant. We went with some of our church's member. The Restaurant is called The Happy Days.

We went over to the Restaurant at 5.00 Pm the Restaurant finishes at 10.00 Pm. I was feeling excited about that. We went inside the Restaurant and book it then we sat down on the table. Some church were there and it was full of people. After that we went and got some plates and food. First of all I picked up some fish and chips. The fish was cooked well and the chips too. Then I picked up some sauce and I went over and grab me some bronze. Bronze are delicious. Then I picked up some Lettuce and butter chicken. I sat down and eat. The food were delicious. I got full. I waited and Waited. I was hungry again and I went and got me some Ice cream and fruit salad and some cakes. I came and sat down again. 

Then I came and eat it. I was full and I looked at the time it was 6.00 Pm. I went outside with my sisters and my little brother and played outside with some of the church's member's. We played racing and Tiggy. We took Photos of my Sister's I pod. It was cool. I went inside it was 6.33 Pm. Some of the people came out and in.
We saw some of our cousins in the Restaurant. My Mum and the church member's came out of the Restaurant at 9.15 Pm. When I got home my stomach was sore and I wad feeling tired my cheeks were red and I was feeling sleepy. When I woke up this morning I felt like I wanna go back to the Restaurant again. I was thinking I should share this with you guys. 

Oh wait! While My sister and brothers got to the Restaurant at 5.00 Pm There was a Bus fulled of church one Women from their church came and open our van at back boot and I was shocked that someone just opened our van. I don't know her. She was about to put her hat at out Van. She got shocked and she closed the door. Then she came and said to my Mum Sorry I thought that was our Van. My Mum said that's alright. When she left. I laughed! My Mum said that it was her fault because she forgot to lock the van while we were waiting inside it. But there were only a Bucket and a rugby shoes at the back! hahaha I laughed.

Bye  Everyone! I hope you enjoy my Holiday recount as you read on! I will post some more today or Tomorrow  I will see what will happened tomorrow. Gracious 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Holiday Recount 2

White day

Ola! everyone, Are you having fun! on 14 days off! 

Today My Mum and my Nana went to Favona to the Free church at Mangere. They had a nice breakfast and they left. They left at 10:00am in the morning. After they left I cleaned up the house, had shower and brushed my teeth, had Breakfast and got ready. I was dressing up my niece too. 

We finished dressing up and we went to the hall at our church. We put the food on the table and when we finished setting them up. We put a white cloth on top of it before the food falls over or something happens to it. I waited inside the car for my Nana and my Mum to come back from their roll call. I was thinking that they had a good roll call and a good September. I looked at the time on my sisters ipad, it was 11:50am. I was looking at the street for our car and I watched and I saw some big cars and some small mini cars, I finally saw the white small car. It was my Mum and Nana, they looked so beautiful when they came out of the car. I took a photo of them and some of the ladies on the iPad. We went inside the Hall and the Ladies had to go first and sit at their seats.

 After that the priest came inside the hall and sat at the front table with the other priests, I sat next to my Mum. Our priest did a prayer and when the prayer finished we took the white cloth off and started to eat. The food was yum when I tasted them. I ate lots of food and drank some drinks. I ate lots of chocolate bars and some chips, I was full. When I finished eating my sister came and ate after me. My Mum and I went outside and I asked her if she was full up and she said "Yes this is the best day ever!" I smiled. Me and my Mum went and waited at the car.  I was waiting for my Sister to finish eating so we could go home. I felt tired after eating and I was thinking that I should go home and take a rest. 

When it was finished we came home and put the foods that we came with on the table. I was thinking at the Car that I was tired and that I should go sleep. But GUEST WHAT! I came back home and played with my nieces and she was Two years old. It was nearly her birthday coming up next Month! I went out on the lovely sunny day and teached her how to throw a ball and catch it with two hands. After I was teaching her, she knows how to throw a ball high and catch it. I was proud of her because I used to teach her how to throw a ball but she always throw the the ball backwards and I get angry.But I think this is the day that she will learn how to catch a ball and throw at the right way. After playing with my Nieces I decided to post about what happened today. So I called my Nieces her name is Briana. 

I called her to come and help me sort out the wires for the connection She was a very good help. So I got on and typed this Recount of what happened. My favorite food that I ate at the hall was a Hawaiian food it was sort of a salad. It was delicious. GUEST WHAT AGAIN.!!!!! I am going with my Mum,Dad and Brothers and Sisters to a Restaurant. The Restaurant name is called THE HAPPY DAYS!!! Happy days is my Favorite Restaurant. Happy days in Manukau it near the Buffet king. I hope it will be Sunny Tomorrow so it can be a Happy day like we are going to a Happy day Restaurant.... GOOD -BYE everyone. I will post some about The Happy days tomorrow!!! Gracious.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Holiday Recount 1

Hope you enjoy!

I can't wait  Hi everyone, Today I and my Mum are going to the Pakin'save to buy some fruit salad and Tongan food. We are going to buy some Marshmallows and some packed of chips. We came back and set the food so we can make them. We are making Tongan food and Fruit salad and some cakes for tommorow. Tomorrow is the white day for the ladies. It going to be fun. My Mum and Nana are going to Favona. Favona is a free Tongan church at Mangere.

They are going to Favona with the Ladies at our church  They are going to Favona for the roll call for the womens of the free church. I helped my Mum opened each cans of Mandarins and helped her cooking. Now my Older sister is making the fruit salad in a big bowl and foiled it and put it in the fridge and ready for tomorrow. Now my Mum is just putting her clothes out ready for tomorrow she is wearing a white beautiful clothes. It so shiny and it has nice patterns and beautiful flowers on it.

I decided to post this because it my first time posting my first Holiday recount this year. I hope you all enjoy my first Holiday recount this year! I will post some tomorrow  I will tell you about it. Good - Bye.

Duffy Theatre

On 23TH September. After Morning tea. The whole school line up outside to go the Duffy Theatre. we sat down inside the school hall.

There were three people at the show and it was a Samoan girl and a Boy and a Kiwi Boy. I can tell it was a Kiwi boy. We sang the Duffy Show I love the duffy song because it has actions in it. Why they came and show us the duffy show because they are telling us about reading and experience. The Topic for the show was Duffy Loses his Words. We were playing some games before the show started with Lose we were playing a Samoan game it was the clapping game.
It was fun. The show started my favorite characters in the show was Scuffy. He was funny at the show. One Day Duffy was sleeping and Vautra was like a bad guy that wanted to take Duffy’s words out of him. So he won’t read again and also spell a word.

Duffy was dreaming and Vautra and Miss Rude were challenging about Animals and also foods. Vautra didn’t like Rhymes and Afi likes Rhymes. Miss rude won the challenge and miss Lovely was next and they have to talk about dinosaurs Vautra was struggling and Miss Lovely won it the challenged. Duffy woke up and it was school time. Duffy and Afi have to do a test. A paper plane was flowing up the sky and landed on duffy. Duffy’s mum said to take the Rubbish to the trash. It seems  and strange. Duffy took his Toy box and he didn’t know where the sugar are? He putted Salt on his breakfast and it taste nasty. Duffy nearly used his dad's shaving cream to brush his teeth.

The note said if you want to challenged with me you have to say my name three times. Duffy didn’t want to call his name. Because Afi and him were at school at the moment. But Duffy wanted to fight the last challenged with Vautra. Afi  was helping Duffy win. Duffy called out autra names three times. Vautra appeared and the challenged was doing word search. But Duffy already loses his words. We were helping Duffy shout out the words so he can spell it on his broad.
When it was time for Duffy to show it to us. He was spelling it in Maori. I think the words were similar to the words that Vautra spelt.
We help Duffy, and help and help. Duffy won the challenged vautra disappear and he went into space through the door and Duffy and Afi need to say Vautra’s name backward. Afi knocked on the door Vautra was gone forever. Now Afi and Duffy can go back and tell stories to Scruffy. That is Duffy’s little brother and Scruffy can read now and tell stories and Afi can’t read books now. The show was finished.
I felt happy that the Duffy Theatre came and tell us reading. I really enjoyed the show with Duffy, Afi and Scruffy. I hope the Duffy Theatre comes again and tells us some more news about reading.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ten Fast Fingers :)

This Term my score is 58. My highest this term and this year is 65!
I was surprised it was 65. I need to practise, Practise more of my Typing test so I can get a higher Result. I am just so proud of myself that I got a score over  than 30 and 50!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kids For Kids Recount

I can’t wait for Kids For Kids Tonight!
On 23Th September it was time for Room 3 to go to Kids for Kids at the Life Convention Centre at Mangere.

I felt excited. I got ready to go to the Life Convention Centre and I picked up Joanna because she had no ride. We took a map to see where the Life Convention Centre was. My Dad and I was struggled to find the street to get to the concert but we found it. We parked at the road and I saw lots of children wearing colourful clothes. Joanna and I walked to the backstage and my Dad and my sister walked to the entrance and took their Tickets to the front door.I was looking for Miss G and I saw some of Room 3 there, they were playing Knuckle bones.

Daynah told us that it time to get on the stage. We went up to the stage and I can see lots of people taking photos and I saw my Dad and Sister, they were taking photos too. We started singing with Jackie and Nathan and they were wearing bright colours too. We sang Haere mai, it was fun and there were lots of people. The lights were bright while we did some actions and we sang lots of songs in the first half. We had to go and have a break so we went backstage and some of us went to Toilets and then Miss G gave us Monkey Barrel to play. Miss G also gave us some snacks it was biscuits and chocolates.

We have to get back on stage and we sat down on the benches, I was uncomfortable and it was hot but fun. The second Half was funnier than the first half. Rosaline did well with her solo singing. She’s a Mod was my favourite in the second half, it was fun because that was the last song of the show. Kids For Kids was fun! My favourite part of the show was She’s a Mod and Haere Mai!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Matthew 25:36

Physical - Having a healthy body and be able to move freely.

Social - Having Family and Friends to support you.

Mental and Emotional - Being able to tell other people what you feel and also what you think about.

Spiritual - To be able to believe in God.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Filming Reflection

Room 3 have been making their first movie for the the 2013 Film Festival. We had planned it and storyboarded it in one of our scrapbooks. We all had a part to do in our movie and we all knew what to do and what place we were going to film it.

We were in four groups and the groups were filming on different days. Some of them were filming next week because their actors were at Rugby, we were one of them. We all knew what to do and we sorted it out by ourselves. I was excited because it was our first time to make our first movie. Our Topic of our movie is Success. Success is like Achieving Goals. We had different part of our movie. Some of us were Actors and some were Directors and Camera Operators. When we finished making our movie Miss G edited the movie with the help of the Directors. We needed to put some captions in our movie so we could explained to the audience about our movie.

Then the Director of the groups sat with Miss G again and did the final editing of the movie. Then we watched and some of the parts were funny. We have finished our movie and our parts are all done. I was a director in my group. Miss G picked the song for our movie because she knew that this was the right song for our movie. Miss G is going to do a small trailer of our movie so it can get the audience interested in our movie. I hope Room 3 have a great movie for the Film Festival of 2013.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rugby League Reflection

Last Week Room 3 went to League at the field. Coma was teaching us how to play League. Coma was one of the players from the Juniors Warriors and Akarana Falcons.

The first thing Coma said was that we have to have Breakfast and if we didn’t we will need to do five star-jumps and some push ups. Also we needed to bring a water bottle because it going be hot and sweaty when we play League. We played Simon says and we did some exercise.  We need to work as a team.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Maths Reflection

For maths today I was practising my maths skills from Maths whizz. I was practising my Addition and subtraction. Addition and Subtraction were pretty easy for me to do, I nearly got all my my answers right, I think I need to practise more. I like maths because it helps me learn. Then I went on Xtra maths I practised my Basic facts. My basic facts were easy and some were hard. In Maths I am on stage 5 and I am in Crafty Circles.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

St. Pius X Feast day

Wow! I can not wait for the fun day today. On the 23th Friday August 2013 Saint Pius X Catholic School celebrated St. Pius X Feast Day because our school is named after St. Pius X and that’s why we are celebrating it.

The whole school went to the church in the morning to have a whole school mass. When we finished having mass we had to go to the hall to eat the cake. It was a big cake and long. It had white cream on top and it was banana cake, I love banana cake. There were girls from Room7 who helped the teachers cut the cake and share them out to the school. Meleseini and Maxine cut the cake first then we clapped our hands. When they both cut the cake out they shared the out. Mrs Denney gave me a piece of cake. I took a bite it was yum and delicious. When we finished eating the cake the bell rang it was time for the concert. Some of the Room 7 girls and boys introduced us for the concert. Room 3 was singing Haere Mai and Something in the water. Ezra was the soloist in Haere mai and I was the soloist in Something in the water. When it was time for Room 3 I was nervous to sing in front of the whole school. My legs were shaking because it was my turn to sing. My cheeks were red and I was scared. While I was singing I didn’t feel nervous anymore and I wasn’t scared. We finished the song and I felt like I am not shy anymore, I felt proud instead.

I liked Room 6 and Room 7’s song when they were doing them. Room 6 was singing a Tongan song and some of the class were playing Ukes and some were singing. Room 7 were playing different instruments and they were playing the drums and the marimba and other instruments. It was cool because I could hear differences beats from different instruments. The bell rang and we went for lunch and we had a visitor after lunch and her name was Linda and she was
playing the euphonium, she was good at it. It was nearly home time for us so we finished St. Pius X day with a basketball tournament and it was fun. This was a fun day of St Pius X Feast day.