Friday, June 28, 2013

Fuzzy the Bear!

Today I am going to describe to you Fuzzy the Bear and what he looks like, what he feels like and also what makes him special.

Fuzzy looks like brown as a chocolate and he is handsome like a kid, he is small like a mouse and he looks fat like a Hippo.

He feels soft as a blanket and he feels fluffy like a dog  and cuddly like a baby, Fuzzy’s big footprints on his feet looks like a dinosaur’s feet and his big round nose looks like a pig.

I've seen Fuzzy in my bedroom and inside the classroom, and he can also seen inside the shop or a car. Also someone could be walking around holding him, or maybe in a baby trolley.

Fuzzy needs to be looked after and he needs to sleep with someone at night and have fun with them. He needs to be taken care of and also he needs to be really loved by someone.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Description about the Pool

Today I am going to describe you the pool.

The pool is as warm as a spa pool, it is indoor and it it covered with white tents that is called Marquee and the pool is 1 metre deep and 15 metres long.

The pool is in the tennis court and it is locked at home time and the weekends. Inside the pool it is heated with warm water and it is see through as the clouds and the water in the pool is comfortable.

The people from Mt Wellington Trust brought the pool and we borrow it and we had two Instructors and their names were Jillan and Kevin. They were teaching us how to swim and teach us new lessons. The shape of the pool is a rectangle and when you shout inside the pool to someone it echoes out on the courts.
When we learn with the swimming boards we glide and float with it and also we kick with it.

I enjoyed the pool with the Instructors at school.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cookie Protector :)

Yesterday afternoon, my partner Joshua and I made a cookie protector. First so we did a box to hide it from the cookie monster. We started with a piece of paper just to draw our ideas. It was A3 paper and 1 cello tape, also 2 metres string and 2 metres straws. They were a bit hard to build up our own boxes. Then we build up the box and we decorate it and we only need to finished up the roof with the colourful straws.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Covenant :)

A convenant is a sacred serious agreement/ promise between God and God's people.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Percy's Song of Freedom

Percy’s Song of Freedom - Pt 2, No 2, 2005

1. Find the meanings of these words from the story.
canary - A small yellow bird.
perch -A rod or branch serving as a roost for a bird.
refuse - To say you will not do something or accept something.
shriek - A loud high sound laughter.

2. Draw Percy singing his song.This picture is about Percy singing where the trees reach the sky.
3. Answer these comprehension questions to show your `understanding of the text.
A) Where did Percy escape to? Percy escaped to the top of the pine tree.
B) Why do you think Percy escaped from his cage? Percy wanted to be freedom.
C) Who rescued Percy? Carols dad rescued Percy.

D) What did it mean in the story when  it said ‘With the last strength of his wings’?  Percy can’t move his wings, because he has no strength to fly.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

God's Call To Mary :)

Rm 3 Gods Call To Mary from St Pius X on Vimeo.
Room 3 doing their role play as Angel Gabriel and Mary and also God :)
Hope you enjoy our role play with Mrs Tui :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Aim High

Aim High - Pt 2, No 3, 2003

1. Find the meanings of these words from the story.

observatory - A building containing telescopes and other Scientific  
instruments for studying the sky and the stars.
astronomer -The study of stars, planets and space.
buried -  To put a something into the ground.
expect - To think that something will happen.
yowl -  Yowl means Howl. ??

2. Draw what you think the Dog Star might look like.
3. Answer these comprehension questions to show your understanding of the text.
a) Where were the boys on the trip? When they were looking at the photos about space and the Dog star. ✔
b) Why was Nik’s Mum so sad when he got home? Because Flash the cat died from car crash.✔
c) What idea did Nik have at the end? Nik’s idea was that he said Hi NGC and he quietly said Hi flash star.✔
d) What did it mean in the story when  it said ‘Nick’s face felt hot and heavy’? Because his cat died and he felt sad.✔

Friday, June 14, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Two weeks ago our swimming pool arrived to our school some students were excited to have the Swimming Pool at our school.

It’s fun because the juniors get to swim everyday to learn their lesson, I was excited that we get to swim everyday. On the first day of Swimming we got changed into our togs then we grabbed our towels and our bags to the tents that Mr Coakley built for the students to get changed in. When we went inside we lined up and we hang our towels on the fence and looked over at the pool the pool was big. We got ready and split up into two groups, the first group was the ones that can swim and I was in it too and after that it was the second group. I got excited that the first group went first to the pool first. I climbed up the stairs and went down on the pool. I thought that this pool was the best because it was a big one and also the colour of it is dark blue and cool.

We had our first lesson our first lesson which was with the swimming boards, they help us swim and keep in touch with the boards. We had to glide with it to the end of the pool and back again. We eventually moved on to our other lesson, it was holding our breath. It was hard to hold my breath as long as I could and the winner was Ezra and Asipeli, they were good at holding their breath for a long time. We had to glide again without the board and not kick.

We were so good and had free time for 10 minutes at the end of the lesson. We finally had to come out, so the second group could have a turn. We all came out of the pool and took our towels and went inside the tents and got changed into our dry uniforms.

My favourite part of swimming lessons was when we were gilding without the broads.