Friday, October 25, 2013

Jam Bus!

Dear Jam Bus Team.

I would like to say thank you for coming to Saint Pius X Catholic School. Thank you so much for recording our songs and making them into a CD. Thank you for your time that you have given to us to record.

Room 3’s songs were Haere Mai and Something In The Water. We really appreciate you coming along to record our songs. We enjoyed seeing your Music Studio and your Microphones. I felt very happy and excited when I was listening to these songs. I hope you guys have a lovely and restful day.  

Yours sincerely, Tokilupe

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Rosary!

Hi everyone! I am sharing my learning with you about the Rosary.

Friday, October 18, 2013


We are having a cool kiwi sport this term!

Saint Pius X Catholic School has a Kiwisport at the hall.
Room 3 is going after Morning Tea. We lined up outside our classroom ready to go to squash. When we went inside the hall we saw some rackets and some softballs. We also saw a big plastic wall. We sat down in front of the wall. There were two boys that had introduced us. Their names was Phil and Michael. Then they showed us a tip of squash. They told us the rules about squash. The champion of our class is Patrick.

Today Michael and Phil came with a real squash ball. They made the
wall at the back another wall like the real squash wall. three times bigger. The rules for squash is i f you serve that ball  and it hit under the 1st line you’re out. If you hit over the 3rd line then you’re out. The ball only have to bounce once in squash. If it bounces twice you’re out. If the person is at your way and he or her is blocking it you can’t just hit it the ball when that person is standing there. That is called a LET. Michael and Phil drawn on a small broad and that is for the students who need practise and skills. The real ball of squash is a small black ball. It not bouncy but it very fast. The rackets that we are using it a little bit short. The real Rackets is long and tall.

When you play squash for real you go inside this room.There is a wall in front of you and behind you. The wall is white and the lines are red. The wall are white so you can see the tiny black ball. Michael and Phil are just teaching us for only three days. We had a fun time with Michael and Phil. I hope we have squash. They came and teach us how to play squash.         

Squash was invented from a Harrow school around 1830.  Harrow school is in England.
Nicol David and Ramy Ashour is the top 2 champion players of squash in the world. Nicol is from Malaysia and Ramy is from Egypt.

You wear Balance running shoes or some specialized footwear. Comfortable sport clothing. The mens usually wear shorts and T-shirt or a Polo shirt.  Players must wear eye Protection and also a Fast swinging Racket or the ball. These are the clothing for squash.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Holiday Recount 13 :)

Hey Gurl? Gurl you need some Lotions!!! LOL

Remember what I said that My sister's favourite singer is Ginny Blackmoor. Well guest what? I am in love with her voice she is amazing. She is WICKED! Here is a clip of her song I hope you like and there more and she is singing with Christina Aguilera. Hope you enjoy!

Holiday Recount 12 :)

Hi Room 3 and People who are reading my Holiday recount.

Today We are going to pick up some appliances at Pakuranga. I just finished having a cup of tea. It wasn't tea it was coffee and milk. Coffee and Milk are yum with bread. I am in love with the breads at the bakery. So Yummy! My sister is listening to Ginny Black moor (Sing for me) that is her favorite singer. We are heading there then I and my sister are going to My Mum and Dad's house and practice singing because we are going to perform it tomorrow  I am nervous because I don't know anyone from the audience.

We are going to performer it at my Aunt's church they have church on Saturday. It the seventh day church. Then we are going to favona for a concert of my Nana's Village at Tonga. It will be fun. I am going to wear a Green and Yellow dress it pretty and beautiful. 

Bye thnx for reading my recount! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Holiday Recount 9 ! :)

Willy Wonka Bars
Hi Guys! Welcome to my Holiday Recount number 9! I can't wait for school to start. Because We have a competition to win a bike. Who ever post lots about their Holidays. I don't know how many have I post? How about you? Okay!

Today I and my sister and Aunty,Nana went to the Doctor at 8.00 Am.We had to get up really early so that we could be first to the Dr. enter. I felt sleepy when I was walking inside the Van. I wanted to sleep again but I could not because on our way to the doctor, my head was moving everywhere. I went to Dr. Fattah he was an Indian man, I guess?. He was a cool Dr. I was coffing and I was sick. My sister had stomach ace and also Rash . It was a little bit bad. Then we went to the chemist and brought us a cream and some Tablets. Then we went to the shops and I brought me a Wonka Bar, the chocolate bar. It was yummy. The chocolate inside was light. 
My sister brought her chocolate bar. It was bubbly and that chocolate was too sweet but it was yummy too. Then we went to the bakery and buy us some brown bread and it was Seven Dollars and twenty cents.

Then we came back and had Tea. My sister is eating bread with bananas's I'm going to have breakfast after. Then we are going to my Mum and dad's house. We got singing practice to do. We are going to perform it on Saturday. It going to be fun over there.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy my Boring day! But it will be fun on these days! Graciaos

Thank  you!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Holiday Recount 8 :)

Happy Sabbath

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Holiday Recount number 8. I hope you enjoy!
We have Scrament today because it is the first Sunday of the month.

I dressed up in the morning and I was wearinhg Green and Yellow. Because our group colour is Green and Yellow.
I went and sat down on the bench at church. I was waiting for my Mum to do my Ta'ovala.
She came and helped me did it. I went inside and sat down. We sang the welcome song and then the Paster came. We did a Grace with him and we start singing some church songs. After that it was time for our group to show our performances to the audience. We sang while we were doing the actions. Then we finished doing our actions. I felt happy that we perfome a good actions to the audience. 

Then we sang another song and I was feeling excited for the next thing. Because it was time for us to do our sacrament. Scrament is like drinking the blood of Jesus christ. The bread is when we eat the body of  christ. We started our Scrament now. The Stewart and the Paster did their Sacrament first. They Helped us served it to the people in our chruch. My Dad is one of the Stewart. He serves the bread. The other man serves the wine to people in our church too.
Then the ladies and some people. The childrens went last to get their Sacrament. I enjoy drinking the Wine and also the bread.
When we finished out Sacrament we did a Grace for the end of the day. Then I went over to my Mum if I can have some breads.

 She gave me some for my brother and my cousin's. I drank some wine too. It was pretty Yum by the way! Thank you for reading my diaries. I hope you enjoy! Thank you!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Holiday Recount 6 :)


Hi everyone! Today is normal for me. Not like these other days go out with my family and having fun. 

This morning I woke up and I brushed my teeth and dressed up.  i went to the living room with my sister. OMG! IT was so messy :( my sister was doing the dishes. I just finished vacuuming the whole house. It was fun by the way! when I finished My Aunty baked some cakes for me and my sister for morning. Our breakfast was Cakes and Noodles. Noodles is my favorite. How are about you? At 4.00 Pm I and my nana and sister have to get ready. Because we are going to a funeral. It my Aunt's Uncle. He died because he got a heart Attack

I felt sorry for that. So I am feeling excited for that. :) Okay so first of all I am getting a little bit bored By the way... But allgoods.... The other post that I have posted they are my diaries too. 

Happy Brithday  Salote Fakahau!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Gummy Bear Song

This is my Favorite Song. Out of the baby songs. Sing along if you know this song :)

Happy Brithday :P

Happy Brithday
Briana Vave
Happy Birthday Briana!
Today it's my niece's Birthday today. 1st October. Tomorrow it my older sister's Birthday and it is her sweet 16! birthday!. I can't wait. What will I do for Briana's Birthday today. Let me think?????? 

Okay Today we are going to Sylvia Park and Rainbow Ends I can't wait..... I will go on the Fair fell.... Heewooh :) Then I will go on lots of rides with her. Then we will buy her a nice yum cake and her  name will be on it. A candle on it number 3 She is 3 years old I can't believe.:) See yah:) Cacth you up later need to go and hang out with Briana :) look at my other diaries.

 DON'T STOP BELIEVE HAHAHA :) This also my Holiday Recount Number 4 :) Hope you enjoy!!!!