Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How Maui Brought Fire To The World

Today for Maori, My group read a story called " How Maui Brought Fire To The World" We all worked as a group to discuss what the story is about, we all sang our songs and drawed our picture.

Friday, July 24, 2015

St. Patrick Cathedral

Four students got picked to represent our schools. We went to town to St Patrick Cathedral. We got invited because we were a part of the Caring foundation.  These four students are (Seauti. Patrick, Alecia and I we also went with Mr. Coakley.

I felt excited , Happy and honoured to go and represent our school. The mass started at 12:15pm but we left at  11:30pm after morning tea, from school.  We hopped in Mr Coakley’s car  &  drove off. It was fun roaming around town, we saw different things when we were driving, we saw chickens on the road,  the Skycity and the Sky tower.  We saw other things especially a Steam train, well it was kinda broken but we saw it anyways.

We were looking for a parking near the cathedral, but nearly all the parkings were reserved.  So we parked at another area.  Town was pretty packed. We finally found a carpark, but it was all the way at the top. When I got off , I was scared because i wasn’t indoor carpark it’s was outdoor car park.  We went through the elevator and walked out town to go to the mass.  When we were walking we saw the church, Bishop Patrick just walked inside the church.  We were almost late.. When we walked inside the church, there were a lot of people,  We went and sat down then the mass began.  It was a big church, I also saw the station of the cross and other pictures.  The mass was pretty simple, I knew some of the songs., because we sing those songs at mass in my school.

During the mass some people had went up to the Bishop and received their blessings from him. There were afternoon tea too. We ate and had our name tags on, so the other school knows our names.  After we had our tea, the Bishop came inside the hall and said his Thanks to everyone for attending the mass, then they called out names of the schools that had been attending the mass, they gave certificates out to the schools that came.

Later on we had to come back , I enjoyed every moments that has happened today. I also like being out representing my school, and also being out with other students too. I really enjoyed today.

My Holiday Recount

In the holidays my family went out to Geny’s Restaurant.  Because it’s was my Mum’s birthday and my nephew too.  Being all together made me feel so happy, because we occasionally don’t get to spend a lot of time together.

Walking inside the restaurant was pretty cool, we waited for a while for the others to come.  Next  it was time to blow the cake.  It was funny because when it was time for my nephew to blow his cake his saliva was dripping on the cake, everyone was laughing.  

The food was delicious everything was amazing.  It was a pretty cool restaurant because all I needed to do is to get a bowl and pick  whatever meat I want and veggies and place my bowl on the tray and there was this big donut or circle is in the middle or center, and the workers barbeque it or cook the meat I have picked. It was cool I loved it, I enjoyed the sauce and the chips.

During our dinner, I had some dessert !  I’ve picked pancakes, some flavored syrup and some ice creams and toppings. From time to time, it was time for us to go home  just as we were about to leave it was raining! I was laughing because inside the restaurant I couldn’t hear anything from inside neither the view from outside!.

So we had to wait until the cars were clear then we had to go. Because if we went now, we would've been stuck in a queue. My favourite part: I like everything that happened, I like every second,  time and minute. It was pretty solid hanging out with my families.  I enjoyed that night.

Basic Facts Maths Practise


I this this term I have improved my groupings with 100.
Next time I want to do my maths abit quicker.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Lectio Divina Prayer

Today for Religious Education we read a scripture of the bible, Colossians 3: 12 - 15. We read the scripture we had to pick one or two words and we have to include them in our prayers. Lectio Divina is a traditional prayer. Its a prayerful reading.  I think that Lectio divina is an great prayer for families to do, and I would love to do this together with my families.

Here is the words that I have pick or relates to me in the scripture.
*Love -  Dear lord please help me to love my families and friends especially those who are around me.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Matariki Acrostic Poem

This is my Google Draw that I have created. Its a acrostic Poem about Matariki.
Hope you enjoy! :) 

Matariki Poster

Here is my Word it out. This is a DLO where I have written what Matariki is and when is it.
Not long ago I was reading a book called "Matariki" I have learnt alot about Matariki and the Seven stars. Hope you enjoy :)