Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Being Hygienic at School?

How can you be Hygienic at School?
Runny Nose
We blow our nose into a tissue and throw the tissue in the rubbish.
We Cough on our Elbow so we don’t spread the Germs.
We clean it and put the Healthy spray on it so the Germs won’t get us.
Going to the toilet
Always wash our Hands when we go to the Toilet.
Keeping environment clean
Pick up your Rubbish on the ground so it won’t be dirty when we play.
We put deodorant on us everyday and have a shower before you put in on yourself.
Wash your school uniform also your Socks so it won’t be smelling and dirty.
Always clean your netbooks and wash your hands before you touch them.

Worshipping God

* How is going to church worshipping God?
Because we go and pray in the church and sing in the church and drink the wine and the bread.

* Why do we go to church?
We go to church so God can bless us and forgive our sins.
God’s day on a Sunday.

* How do you Worship God?
We worship God by Obeying him and singing church songs.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How can you get Forgiveness?

I should apologise and replace my things to him. Or shall I buy him a new one or fix it.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Southern Lights

Southern Lights - Pt 3, No 1, 2005

1. Find the meanings of these words from the story.

fascinate - To be Interested. ✔
karakia -  Prayer ✔
seize - To take something quickly or by force.✔

2. Find out 3 pieces of information about the Southern Lights - you might find some information and images on the internet.
  • 1.The southern lights comes alive at night with green and blue colours and crimson lights.
  • The southern lights dance across the sky at night.
  • The night comes alive with beautiful crimson lights.  
3. Answer these comprehension questions to show your understanding of the text.
a) What lets you know in the story that the story is told by the Maori?
Because of the names are maori and also the pictures.
b) Where do you think the men were when they saw the large islands of ice in the south?  The men were in the south.
c) Why did the people burn the waka? Because Tama rereti died.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 8 - Melbourne Learning

Last week on Tuesday afternoon Miss G and Mrs Tui went to Melbourne in Australia to look at 8 different schools.
They went to Melbourne because they went to find out how our school can be a modern learning environment. 

While Miss G went away for the last 5 days we did some cool activities and cool fitness. Mrs Denny took some of room 3 students to the pool that came with their togs, some of us forgot and some were sick. When we went to the courts the students who went to swimming had a lot of fun because there were no instructors and they had no lessons all they did was play and have free time while Mrs Denny watched them. I was part of the unswimmer group, we played master with the basketball and some played King ball with the tennis ball. 

Today our teacher is back! Miss G told room 3 all about what she did in Melbourne and she said that she visited 8 different schools with 21 teachers. The teachers from different schools were Pt England, Panmure Bridge, Tamaki College, Stonefields, St Patrick's and last St Pius which was Miss G and Mrs Tui.

When Miss G showed us the photos she said "they were like a big huge classroom in their art room" and I was like Wow that is COOL!. One school I liked was the one with the modern neighbourhood learning, they had a Big finger chair and it was colourful full. I was like that is cool and then we finished looking at the photos that Miss G took at Melbourne she said that "She ate lots of food over there" because every time you turn there's a Restaurant". 

Miss G brought us adorable and cute koalas for room three and they were beautiful. She brought them from Melbourne and the Koalas were holding a Boomerang and it was brown.We put it on our Jersey or our shirt and it was cool when it was hanging on us and some students got a koala that was holding a flag and difference colour T-shirt and it says 'I love Australia!'.