Wednesday, August 21, 2013

St. Pius X Feast Day

This week for Religious Education. Room 3 was learning about St. Pius X because it was his Feast day today. This is a picture that shows all about St. Pius X life when he growed up. St. Pius X was born on June 2, 1835 and and he grew up in Italy. His full name is Joseph Sarto his name was changed when he was a Pope and it was changed to St. Pius X. St. Pius X died on August 18 1907. He had four Brothers and four sisters. When he went to school he saved one pair of shoes which is all he had. He was poor, he wanted to help the poor people. He wanted to be a Priest and he went and studied to become a Pope, he followed four step to become Pope. He had to become a Priest, Bishop and Cardinal to end up being a Pope. When he became Pope he allowed children to have their Holy Communion. Before then it was only the Adults that got to have the Eucharist. St. Pius X wanted to be poor and die poor. He didn't want rich things when he was a pope and all those Jewellers and Gold stuff because he knew that there are other people in this world that were poor and he just wanted to be like them.

Monday, August 19, 2013

X Crountry

Wow! its Country day! I can’t wait to run a long course and it going to be awesome! On Tuesday 13th August Saint Pius X School had X Country.

Cross Country was in the Tennis Courts and their were lots of parents that came to watch their children run. Some of the St Mary’s College Girls were our helpers. First of all the 12 year old was first to start the races. I was nervous because it was nearly my age to go. I cheered for the 12 years old. They took a photo before they had their race and then Miss G the  clapped the blocks and they begin to run. I saw some of them they were shock when the blocks clapped.Next it was the 11 years old and they did the same thing as the 12 years old did. I was getting a sore stomach because it was my turn to go. We heard the block slap together and I ran as fast as I could go. We went down the hill and we have to slow down before we fall over. I just jog before I get trip over by a rock.

I ran and I got the Stitch and I stop and I didn't want to be last in the race and I ran with my hand on my hip and I ran so I could catch up to the others in the front of me. My stitch was gone and I ran as fast as I could. Annalise caught up to me and she said “Do you have a drink?” and I said “No” and my throat was dry and I needed water too. We went up to Melling Street and went down and I heard the St Mary’s girls cheering for me “Good on You”, I smiled back. I saw my sister and Salote in the front so I needed to catch up because she said “Run!”. I saw the 11 years old, they were power walking then I went past them. I went down and I saw Mafu and my sister and Salote still running to reach to the end. I went around and I power walked and then I ran. I asked Salote for a hand because I had a stitch and I was at the end then we raced up and saw Petra saying “What house are you in?” and I said “Geckos” and she said ok. I saw my sister at the tennis courts and she was huffing and puffing and I was surprised because my sister came 2nd in the race and Monique came 1st and 3rd was Joanna and I came 4th. I went and sat down and I was really tired and my cheeks were red.
I was proud of myself that I made it to the end and I did a very good run and I couldn't wait to watch the juniors run. I need more practise for the next Cross Country.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel has short hair but it boldly. Vin Diesel has tan skin and he acts at a lot of movies.
Vin Diesel’s  partner name is Paloma Jimenez.
Vin diesel was born in New York, New York City and he was born on July 18 1967.

Vin Diesel’s Daughter's name is Hania Riley and he has one daughter. Vin Diesel is American Vin Diesel’s Achievements is being an actor. Vin Diesel Mother’s name is Delora Vincent and his Father’s name is Irving Vincent and Vin Diesel’s full name is Mark Sinclair Vincent. Vin diesel looks brave and tough. He acts in a lot of cool movies like Pacifier and Fast and furious.

Vin Diesel has one sister and 2 brothers his sister name is Samantha Vincent and his 2 brothers name are Paul Vincent and Tim Vincent. He acts in Fast and Furious together with his sister Samantha Vincent. Vin Diesel’s sister is a really good actor. Vin Diesel love being an actor and love hanging out with his family and friends.

Vin Diesel achievements is being an actor.
He came to prominence in the late 1990s, and became best known for appearing in several successful Hollywood films such as saving.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Assumption

The Assumption is Mary’s Heavenly Birthday on the Fifteenth of August.
Mary is the Queen of Heaven, she had a deep sleep and God took her up together with her soul and her body up to Heaven. Nobody knew where she went but some people said that her body is here somewhere. Pope Pius said that it was true that Mary’s body went to Heaven.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Ant Army

There were lots of Female ants who were working at the backyard of a school. The female ants were in a tunnel of the colony and gathered together. The female workers were lined up in a long line because they had found a hole and they came out of the hole. They saw that they were behind a big school and they marched up to the schools and walked past the bags hanging up on the hook. There was one bag that had dropped down to the floor so all the ants all slipped down and inside the bag. There were Marbles and a few books. There were Balls and one sock and a muddy rolled up jumper. The sergeant shouted “lunchbox” and they all gathered for the lunch and they opened the yellow plastic box. The lid was loose and the ants squeezed under the lid and marched inside the lunchbox. The sergeants inspected the contents.

The sergeant's eyes were wide because she saw a cream doughnut.
They went towards the doughnut and the unwrapped the plastic wrap from the doughnut. They took the doughnut and broke it into bits then they marched back to their colony. They knew their sergeants wouldn’t have ordered them back if they were in Danger. A minute later almost immediately the sound of feet running, feet thundered down the corridor. They doubled their running because someone was coming. The feet nearly came closer to them. As the ants neared the entrance to their colony the feet were so close that the ants could see the soles of the shoes overhead. The sergeants rushed the rest of her platoon forward, down into the tunnels. Some of the ants were crushed from the feet. At last some of the ants enter safely into the colony, She checked the over company, “dismiss” shouted the sergeant.
That was the last order for the morning and now the ants could relax as their job was done and everyone had a big feast.

My favourite part of the story was when there were at the schoolyard when they got surprised.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Badminton Report

Badminton is a very simple sport but it has a lot of instructions that you have to learn before you play. In Badminton you have 2 ways to hold the racket. They are called the forehand grip and the backhand grip. Badminton is just like tennis but tennis has a bigger ball than Badminton and a different racket. Badminton was one of the events in the 2012 London Olympics, it was founded in the Olympics in 1992. Badminton has been an Olympic sport with 3 events men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles and also mixed doubles.

Badminton was made up in Europe and Asia a long time ago and they used paddles or bats for a racquet. The Shuttles for beginners are made out of plastic and for professionals the shuttle is made out of goose feathers. If the shuttle hits you it won’t hurt because it is only a soft item.

Badminton is very good for you because you can run around the court. You can hit the shuttle however you like. You can hit it low, high, fast, slow, soft or rough it.

I Love to play Badminton because it is safe and fun.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Rainbow Birds

Tropical Venezuelan      Brown Jay

Long, ago in South America there were many birds at the forest on a long tree. They were brown, black and white birds on the tree. The birds were jealous of colourful things like Butterflies, Grass and flowers. They wanted to be colourful like the rainbow in the sky.

Some of the birds tried rubbing the pink flowers on themselves so they could be colourful. Some of them rubbed green leaves on themselves and smashed the berries on themselves. One night it was a rainy day and stormy night and the rain washed their colours away and they were back to their natural colours. When the rainy day was finished, in the morning the birds loved the shining Rainbow in the sky. They watched the rainbow and after that something was wrong with the rainbow, it was dark and its shining colours were turning darker and the rainbow was disappearing. There were a bright shiny colour from the sky appear and it was a bird, he was a phoenix.

He down and asked for help to attacked the 100,000 roaches and some of the birds agreed to help the Phoenix and some of them didn't  because that was not their business. The Phoenix went with the birds that wanted to help and the others stayed.

When they went to the dark rainbow they had no sign of roaches, then they heard buzzing sounds. The roaches went to fight the birds and the Phoenix. They were struggling to fight the roaches because there were too many so they ate them and threw them to the ground and the Birds saved the Rainbow.

The Birds went through the rainbow and suddenly they turned into colourful colours just like the Rainbow, they were the birds of the Rainbow. When they went back to their forest the other birds that didn't help they were jealous that that didn't get colourful colours on them. My Favourite Part Was When The birds Went through The Rainbow and They Were Colourful.