Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Candy Around the world :)

Candy around the World. Enjoy this presentation :)

The Fittest Woman On Earth

Enjoy I and My friend Ma'at presentation :) enjoy this fittest woman on earth :)

Bethany Hamilton

This is another presentation that Monique,Salote and I have been working on a few days.
This Article is so sad, sit back and relax. :)

The Titanic Boat

I and Monique have been working on this Article together about a week ago I think yeah.
So sit back and enjoy our blog! :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Santa Letter :)

Name: Madison Tyler
Address: 23 blueberry rd, Oakland

Dear Santa,

I am writing this letter for you, so you can give me  my presents please and why I deserve this, people who don’t.

Things I would have for Xmas:
*Giant bar of Chocolate
*Everyone is this world to be peace.
*Apple mac
*be the judge for The Voice kids.
*To heal the people that has serious disease.
*To give money to the people that are poor.
The reasons why I deserve presents:
I help my Mum and Dad  do the chores, I help my mum with cleaning the house up.
Help my Dad make him a Cup of Tea. I help my Mum with church things, I help my Aunty vacuum the house, I help my older sister to do some things.

I think the naughty children who are not listening to their parents and their teachers should not get presents from you Santa. Paul because he plays too much game s and also not paying attention in class and he sleeps during learning time in class.
Albert because he is the same as paul playing too much on electronic.
Monique because she is not listening to her Grandpa. Salote because she is too much on her phone not listening to her Mum, or anyone that talks to her. People that disobey God or anyone. Mr.Slade because she always forget where he put his keys?

Hope you are reading this and hope you will give me my present, also remember don’t give those presents to those people who are naughty.

My reading articles :)

Hi, This is my Tongan presentation about a Tongan princess
going to marry two commoners.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Explanation Writing

Today I going to write to you about a topic i picked and it’s all out church. Church is a lovely place, you can do religious activity with your family or friends. Church is a holy and beautiful place. Church is a respectful place. Church is so special because God is inside it and it is also God’s house.

Church has rules and you can not chew or carry any food inside church because that is disrespectful. The church was built by the Christians and it is known as Christians church.
The main part of the church is the cross and the alleyway. the cross is important to all of us because Jesus died for us and he also saved our sins.

The church is a good place you can sing to God, do Funerals inside church, also you can talk to God and you can spend time with God. You can pray to him and he will listen to you.

Church is a big massive place to be, There are plenty of seats inside and the church looks like a long big house, but its actually a church. Some church’s has Chandelier or normal lights like light bulb. Seats are polished some church do.
Some time’s like first Sunday of the month, you have holy communion  and its like when you drink and eat the body of Jesus, that represent Jesus for us to remember him.

If you need him you need to pray to him and he will guide you and forgive your sins. What I think about church is church is a good thing and a holy thing. I hope you know what a church is and maybe you talk to god and get to know God. People that don’t know God go to church everyday, he will bless you if you pray to him everyday.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Speeches About Myself :)

Namaste and Bula vinaka I’m Lupe and I am going to talk to you about myself. :)

3 facts about me.
I play netball, I talk during class,  I like listening to music.

3 things I hate
I hate Angus teachers, I hate monkeys and I hate people wearing saggy pants.

3 Places I want to go in the future.
Italy, Greece and Argentina.

What i want to be when I grow up.
Lastly I would want to be a soccer player or a doctor.

                      :)   * THANK YOU * :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Circus Magic :)

Hi, This is my Reading Presentation on Circus Magic.  Hope you Enjoy! :) 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Breaker's Visit :)

On Monday 14th April two players from Skycity Breakers came to our school. When they came to our school they showed us some basketball tricks and we played some games. For the people who won the games, they got  a  free Breakers basketball and wrist band.

The names of the players were Duane Bailey and Daryl Corletto. Duane is from South Auckland and his number for Breakers is 11. He was born on 28/10/1991. His position in Basketball is Power Forward. His Height is 196 cm and his weight is 87 Kg.

Daryl Corletto was born on 24/8/1981 and he is from Melbourne. His number for Breakers is 3. His position in basketball is Guard. Daryl Height is 193 cm and his weight is 87 Kg. Daryl’s wife is Julie Corletto and she plays Netball for Australia.

What I enjoyed the most is when we were playing games for prizes and when they introduced themselves to us. It was a fun day.

Mother Poem

My mother has brown eyes. She has short brown hair.
My mum is supportive and cheerful. She cheers me up when I am Sad.
She smells like rose. She is as soft as a cushion. She looks like an angel.

My Mum is loving and caring, I love her and she loves me too.
   Poem: A Mother that’s Sweet.
I’d like to offer you a nice present for Mother’s day.
I’ll surprise you with the nicest of all presents an mountains of sweet kisses. Happy Mother’s Day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All about Me!

Malo e Lelei My name is Tokilupe. I am in year 7 in my spare time I would like  to play Netball and play basketball, Playing Doge ball. 

My favourite school subject are Maths,Topic and Reading.
In my Family I have a Mum,Dad and 4 brothers and 3 sisters including me. I have a aunty and a Nana who I stay with at the weekends and also I have a little Kitten called Ginger but I don't play with it because it's not mine it my sister's kitten.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Explanation about Lent

Hi everyone I am going to explain to you about  Lent. Which we are having today!!

Lent is a Christian season of preparing before Easter. Which begins 40 days prior of Easter. Lent starts on Wednesday 5th of March and ends on Thursday 17th of April. Lent is very important because it’s a reminder of Jesus. It is important for Christian people because it symbolizes the 40 days of Jesus in the Desert.

Jesus spent his time in the Desert fasting and praying. Lent is all about Jesus because Jesus died for sins so that we could be alive. The colour for Lent is purple. It is the colour purple because the bible tells us that the pilate and his soldiers placed a purple rope on Jesus before his crucifixion. My opinion for Lent is that I thank Jesus for dying and for saving our sins. I really think that we do need to learn a lot about Jesus because he was the one that gave up for him for us. Why Purple because Purple is the colour of Royalty.
Palm Sunday is one of the most important days in the christian calendar after christmas and Easter. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter, and marks the beginning of Holy Week, The week of events leading up to Jesus death. As one of the most important events in the church.

As one of the most important events in the life of the church, it is important to have the right media to Celebrate. Ash Wednesday was a day to give up something. Alms Giving and to remember Jesus.