Thursday, April 5, 2012


Oktapodi is a short film from Greece. Room 3 watched the film and it was so amazing and awesome with its graphics. Oktapodi means Octopus! We watched the movie learning how to share our opinion. The characters are the pink octopus, the orange octopus, the man, lady that took the pink octopus out.

Oktapodi and his girlfriend were swimming together. The lady took the pink octopus while they were swimming. Oktapodi was shocked then he saw the truck, it had an picture of an someone cutting an octopus.

When the truck was nearly on Oktapodi came out of his tank and hang on the truck and the truck went. Oktapodi slide to to the window to open up the top of the bucket that his girlfriend was in. The man of the truck saw Oktapodi near the window then he smashed Oktapodi and Oktapodi snapped the top of the bucket and opened it and then his girlfriend stopped the truck and the truck slammed into the other side and bumped on the wall. They both jumped off and ran.

The problem was when the lady took away Oktapodi’s girlfriend. It was solved when Octopodi saved his girlfriend.

It was an awesome movie because the man got them and he smashed both of them on the van. To get away they squirted stuff on the man.

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