Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Holy spirit week 1

These symbols of the Holy Spirit happened in the bible. This is the three symbols from the bible - Wind, Fire and Water.   
(1). The symbol of the Fire was when the bush was on Fire.
(2).The symbol of the wind was when  the water were rushing through the pentecost room.
(3). The water was parted so the people could get through sea.

Advocate - Support
Spirit of Truth

John 14:16 - Helper
John 14:26 - Helper
John 16:7 - Truth
John 14:7 - Helper
John 15:26 - Helper
John 16:13 - Truth

Exodus 3:1-12 - fire.
Exodus 14:19-25 -water.
Acts 2:1-4 -wind.


tokilupe said...

Wow! i really enjoyed RE mostly in my own subjects.What i found hard was when i was painting my symbols because sometimes it goes cricket and sometime it go straight maybe i will try paint properly next time and try make the labels under the symbols it:)

Sarah said...

I am pleased you enjoyed your RE this week Tokilupe. We are very lucky to have such a special subject at our school. Remember practise makes perfect with Tuxpaint :-)

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