Monday, February 18, 2013

My Holiday

On a sunny day me and my family went to the pools during the holidays
because it was hot and we were feeling like going to the pools.

We got our stuff ready to go to the pools, our goggles and our togs.
We took food and drinks to the pool for after the swimming.
We were on our way to go to the pools and I thought that we are going to the G.I Pools but then I asked my sister which pools were we going to and she said “the Panmure pools”. “Yes!” I like that one, they are the YMCA pools. I smiled and we were on the roundabout at Panmure.

Suddenly, we got there and I saw lots of people there coming out and in.
My Aunty said “Off you go Kids, take you bags and wait in the reception” so we walked to the reception and waited there for my Aunty come with some of the pools stuff. We asked Tresa the reception lady how much for the kids to swim, she said “Do you guys want to swim in the outside or inside pool?” I said “what time is the outside pool closing?” she said “it’s gonna close at 7.00pm”. We were there at 6.43pm so we went in the inside pool because it was going to close at 8.00pm. We paid our $2.60 and walked inside to the swimming pool.

We saw it was gonna be fun there because it was warm and cool inside the pool. We put our Togs on and we all jumped inside the pool and I felt like going back because it was nice and cold and it was deep and I was scared because I might drown but luckily I and my sister got to tiptoe while we are swimming then we swam and swam until it was time to closed and went to changed into our normal clothes and then we ate at home cause no one is allowed to eat inside then we just came and ate it at home.

After we changed we went to the Sylvia Park to the JB-Hi Fi, then we came home and ate and slept because I was tired of swimming. I went back and had a shower and washed my hair properly and then we had to pack my nana’s house because she was going to Tonga.

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