Monday, May 12, 2014

Breaker's Visit :)

On Monday 14th April two players from Skycity Breakers came to our school. When they came to our school they showed us some basketball tricks and we played some games. For the people who won the games, they got  a  free Breakers basketball and wrist band.

The names of the players were Duane Bailey and Daryl Corletto. Duane is from South Auckland and his number for Breakers is 11. He was born on 28/10/1991. His position in Basketball is Power Forward. His Height is 196 cm and his weight is 87 Kg.

Daryl Corletto was born on 24/8/1981 and he is from Melbourne. His number for Breakers is 3. His position in basketball is Guard. Daryl Height is 193 cm and his weight is 87 Kg. Daryl’s wife is Julie Corletto and she plays Netball for Australia.

What I enjoyed the most is when we were playing games for prizes and when they introduced themselves to us. It was a fun day.

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