Thursday, November 27, 2014

Explanation Writing

Today I going to write to you about a topic i picked and it’s all out church. Church is a lovely place, you can do religious activity with your family or friends. Church is a holy and beautiful place. Church is a respectful place. Church is so special because God is inside it and it is also God’s house.

Church has rules and you can not chew or carry any food inside church because that is disrespectful. The church was built by the Christians and it is known as Christians church.
The main part of the church is the cross and the alleyway. the cross is important to all of us because Jesus died for us and he also saved our sins.

The church is a good place you can sing to God, do Funerals inside church, also you can talk to God and you can spend time with God. You can pray to him and he will listen to you.

Church is a big massive place to be, There are plenty of seats inside and the church looks like a long big house, but its actually a church. Some church’s has Chandelier or normal lights like light bulb. Seats are polished some church do.
Some time’s like first Sunday of the month, you have holy communion  and its like when you drink and eat the body of Jesus, that represent Jesus for us to remember him.

If you need him you need to pray to him and he will guide you and forgive your sins. What I think about church is church is a good thing and a holy thing. I hope you know what a church is and maybe you talk to god and get to know God. People that don’t know God go to church everyday, he will bless you if you pray to him everyday.

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