Monday, December 1, 2014

Santa Letter :)

Name: Madison Tyler
Address: 23 blueberry rd, Oakland

Dear Santa,

I am writing this letter for you, so you can give me  my presents please and why I deserve this, people who don’t.

Things I would have for Xmas:
*Giant bar of Chocolate
*Everyone is this world to be peace.
*Apple mac
*be the judge for The Voice kids.
*To heal the people that has serious disease.
*To give money to the people that are poor.
The reasons why I deserve presents:
I help my Mum and Dad  do the chores, I help my mum with cleaning the house up.
Help my Dad make him a Cup of Tea. I help my Mum with church things, I help my Aunty vacuum the house, I help my older sister to do some things.

I think the naughty children who are not listening to their parents and their teachers should not get presents from you Santa. Paul because he plays too much game s and also not paying attention in class and he sleeps during learning time in class.
Albert because he is the same as paul playing too much on electronic.
Monique because she is not listening to her Grandpa. Salote because she is too much on her phone not listening to her Mum, or anyone that talks to her. People that disobey God or anyone. Mr.Slade because she always forget where he put his keys?

Hope you are reading this and hope you will give me my present, also remember don’t give those presents to those people who are naughty.

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