Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Holiday Recount

On the holidays I and my church members went to Shakespeare. It was a fine sunny and beautiful day. In the morning  my family and I woke up early and packed the things inside the van. We had breakfast and we went and meet up at Dunkirk. That is where all the church is meeting up. We waited for a little while, then the bus arrived. Then the  others came along, We all packed our staffs inside the bus, and we headed off. We were listening to music on the way and we laughed and we took pictures. It was  very fun. It was a long way to go to Shakespeare.

When we got their we went to our spot, we got off and unload the staffs out of the bus, we were too excited because it was a very nice clam beautiful spot to be. Because not that much people hangs around their. We built our tents, we set our food and I ate some snacks then I headed off to swim. The ocean was nice & cold, I loved it because it was a sunny day and it also matched the weather.

When I headed off to the beach my brothers,cousins, were already there, I was surprised because I didn't see them coming to the beach. We played different games and it was just lovely playing with your brothers and sisters. But that one thing I didn't like because my brother David we were playing Baptise and he pretended that he was going to baptise me and he dunk my head down on the water and he left me there for like 10 seconds I couldn't hold any longer.

But you know it was fun but he got in trouble from Mum. We played touch,rugby,baptise and many more. I just remember that I need to put some sun cream or else my skin will burn.
I ran up the hill well not a hill but it looked like, I went to my backpack grabbed my sun cream and I ran down to the beach and put it on my cousins and my brothers. I put small on mine because I thought I'm ok but really I wasn't.

I came back and put it back, after an half an hour I came and ate then I went back some of our church members came out and changed, some of my brothers stayed back, then a few hours we had to leave because we were leaving at 8:00pm. Shakespeare was really fun, I got changed and then I went and had another snack, I helped my Mum packed the staffs up.

Then not few minutes the bus arrived, I was very tired, my skin had got sunburn, We packed again the staffs and we came on the bus. We straight went to sleep while the adults talked and laughed. It was a very awesome,fun, and a happy time. This was my best holiday ever in 2015.


Laura's Blog said...

Hi Tokilupe (Lupe),
I'm Laura from St josephs school,
Thank you for commenting on my blog! Is Mr Moore a good teacher? He is very funny and enjoyable! I hope he doesn't talk about me in a bad way! Your holiday story is very cool! It's sounds like you had fun! Anyway thank you again for seeing my blog!
From: Laura.

Thomas Moore said...

Hi Lupe, it is Mr Moore. I agree with Laura - your story is really detailed, and your church group sounds like a lot of fun. The students at St Joseph's have really enjoyed reading comments on their blogs for you - thanks for all your hard work. Enjoy your weekend!

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