Friday, July 24, 2015

My Holiday Recount

In the holidays my family went out to Geny’s Restaurant.  Because it’s was my Mum’s birthday and my nephew too.  Being all together made me feel so happy, because we occasionally don’t get to spend a lot of time together.

Walking inside the restaurant was pretty cool, we waited for a while for the others to come.  Next  it was time to blow the cake.  It was funny because when it was time for my nephew to blow his cake his saliva was dripping on the cake, everyone was laughing.  

The food was delicious everything was amazing.  It was a pretty cool restaurant because all I needed to do is to get a bowl and pick  whatever meat I want and veggies and place my bowl on the tray and there was this big donut or circle is in the middle or center, and the workers barbeque it or cook the meat I have picked. It was cool I loved it, I enjoyed the sauce and the chips.

During our dinner, I had some dessert !  I’ve picked pancakes, some flavored syrup and some ice creams and toppings. From time to time, it was time for us to go home  just as we were about to leave it was raining! I was laughing because inside the restaurant I couldn’t hear anything from inside neither the view from outside!.

So we had to wait until the cars were clear then we had to go. Because if we went now, we would've been stuck in a queue. My favourite part: I like everything that happened, I like every second,  time and minute. It was pretty solid hanging out with my families.  I enjoyed that night.

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Sonya said...

Hi Lupe:)
I enjoyed reading you holiday recount, You introduction
hooked me into reading your writing. Keep it up!!
Yours Faithfully, Sonya xox

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