Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Holiday Recount

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Saturday 3rd October was a sunny and relaxing day for me. But in the evening we decided to have a BBQ to celebrate my sister’s birthday. I was happy because it's our first time having a BBQ this year.

Usually everyday everyone in the house is always busy and we don’t spend a lot of time together. But it was a great idea for us to come out and have dinner together. But on Saturday evening on October 3rd. We were all busy cooking and setting out the things. My dad and brother cooked the food. We made the drinks and the other things.  I was happy, very happy because we actually had the time come out and eat together and hang out as a family. While we were having dinner, we played an quick game while we were waiting for desert.

AFter we had dessert, it was nearly 7:30, we decided to go inside the house because it was getting a bit dark and it was windy. We all packed up and went inside, following on we watched movies, We got a bit tired so we went to bed early that night.  I had so much fun that night. I was glad that we all had a BBQ together as a family.  I also enjoyed every single moment  that has happened. My favourite part of the night was when I was playing with my brothers and sisters. I hope next time we will do the same thing together.


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