Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Recount of Sailing

The yr 8’s got seperated into 2 groups because there were only 5 boats on the beach, so the first group went in the morning and the other half went in the afternoon. Everyone was excited to go sailing and the best part was that it was FREE!  We were all lucky that it was free thanks to Mr. Coakley.

When we arrived at Kohimarama beach the other half was wandering around eating and laughing. It looked like that they had so much fun, I saw 5 boats lining up on the shore with different colours. I couldn’t wait to get on one of the boats. The first group went back to school and we stayed back for our activity. Everyone got changed into their swimming togs and were ready to go. Reuben showed us 5 steps which who our instructor was. We were going on a yolk boat we all got into partners and we went off the boat went really fast.

It was kinda scary but I got used to it, it was fun that because some of us were fighting,laughing and talking. I and my partner Catherine enjoyed every single moment that happened, we were leading the way and the others were a bit troubled. So Reuben went back and helped them, Catherine and I went so fast that we couldn’t handle the rope. While we were on the boat we started to relax and just touched the water.

I’ve experienced a lot when we were there. During our sailing my partner and I were leading but then suddenly we turned around and saw Misiotei and Patrick catching up. “Turn it the other way” Shouted Reuben.  Catherine and I couldn't hear him so we were trying our best to turn the flag over but the boat won’t turn so we didn't bother.

From time to time it was time for us to go back to school, we jumped off our boats and went off for a little swim, the water was warmish and it was fun.
Mr. Slade and William helped us cleaned our boats and helped us put them back in the trailer. After we got changed Reuben handed out our certificates and we sat down and had our lunch. I've learnt how to control the rope and the 5 rules for using a yolk club.

My favourite part of the day was when I and Catherine’s boat went sideways and how our boats went really fast.

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