Saturday, October 20, 2012

Missing Baby

The missing baby

The Family is very worried because the baby is gone! because the sister forgot to lock the door after her sleep and the mum and dad hasn't knew about this what are they gonna feel about they will be very sad.

The next morning mum and dad heard about it they were very worried so they went to find their baby and also they call the police to let them know as well so they can find the missing baby as well and they got to have check point on the road to see if someone has stole the missing baby.

They look everywhere for the mum and dad went and checked the nana and the mum cried and said thank you lord we have our child and the nana said”that she saw some bad guys around your street and around your house then I came and open the door and it open then I came inside your house.” When I came inside I said”my granddaughter watch out! she didn’t hear so she sleep then I heard the baby crying and I took it because the bad guys might take it and the mum said"thank you for your help mum."

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