Friday, May 17, 2013

My Pencil

My Learning tool is long and sharp. Inside the Pencil is a lead and you can hold it and write with it. A pencil is made of wood and it is very useful and you can create with it.

My writing friend is easy to hold and thin to write with. It can be circle or hexagon shaped and the pencil can be blunt like a flat tyre, then it is hard to write with.

My writing tool can be thin like paper, hair, or a piece of cotton. It can be hard like a Rock or a piece of concrete, and it is pointed like a needle when it is sharp.

I see the Pencil in Shops and in the Office also I see it in a small box at school. I have also seen it in a Pencil case and inside pockets.

 My writing friend is fun to use because it is thin and easy to hold when you write.

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