Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 8 - Melbourne Learning

Last week on Tuesday afternoon Miss G and Mrs Tui went to Melbourne in Australia to look at 8 different schools.
They went to Melbourne because they went to find out how our school can be a modern learning environment. 

While Miss G went away for the last 5 days we did some cool activities and cool fitness. Mrs Denny took some of room 3 students to the pool that came with their togs, some of us forgot and some were sick. When we went to the courts the students who went to swimming had a lot of fun because there were no instructors and they had no lessons all they did was play and have free time while Mrs Denny watched them. I was part of the unswimmer group, we played master with the basketball and some played King ball with the tennis ball. 

Today our teacher is back! Miss G told room 3 all about what she did in Melbourne and she said that she visited 8 different schools with 21 teachers. The teachers from different schools were Pt England, Panmure Bridge, Tamaki College, Stonefields, St Patrick's and last St Pius which was Miss G and Mrs Tui.

When Miss G showed us the photos she said "they were like a big huge classroom in their art room" and I was like Wow that is COOL!. One school I liked was the one with the modern neighbourhood learning, they had a Big finger chair and it was colourful full. I was like that is cool and then we finished looking at the photos that Miss G took at Melbourne she said that "She ate lots of food over there" because every time you turn there's a Restaurant". 

Miss G brought us adorable and cute koalas for room three and they were beautiful. She brought them from Melbourne and the Koalas were holding a Boomerang and it was brown.We put it on our Jersey or our shirt and it was cool when it was hanging on us and some students got a koala that was holding a flag and difference colour T-shirt and it says 'I love Australia!'.

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