Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hokulea boat

My thoughts about Hokulea Day! :)

The boat arrived on the beach, I thought it was only one boat but it was actually two!! How amazing is that? I wonder how they went through heavy rains? and storms?

OK any ways ,  when arrived to Pt England some of the other schools already set  up their seats, then our school sat down on our tarpaulins.
It was a hot day, It was fun to hang out with the visitors, I learnt alot from them.. They were funny & kind at the same time! :)

We started the boat was massive, I wanted to touch it but we had no time.
We had the waiata,introducing their names, food. The food was delicious, I loved it the stuffing was nice, chicken and the Kumara and the Pumpkin my favourite.

The visitors look like kiwi people, but they were actually Hawaii. I was happy!! I get to meet new people and today was fun.

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