Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Holy Week

Holy week: I am writing all of the events happening in Holy week!!

What day is Palm Sunday?
Sunday March 29th.
Jesus enterted Jerusalem. when Jesus is rode on a donkey, people placed their clothes on the ground together with the palm trees so Jesus could walk on it.
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What day is Holy Thursday?
Thursday April 2nd
When Jesus had his last supper with his apostles.
Then he went in the garden to pray with them, & the Soldiers came & Arrested Jesus and took him away.
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What day is Easter?
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Sunday April 5
A day which the festival of Easter is celebrated.
Jesus has resurrected.

What day is Good Friday? April 3rd Friday
Jesus got crucified on the cross in between two thieves.
Jesus's last words were "Father forgive them for they know not
what they do"


Chrism mass is on Monday, One oil is for the Sick, Chrism, Catechumens and on for the infirm.
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