Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Imagination story

One cold morning I went outside and dug a hole. Suddenly the wind blew me all the way to the ground and all I heard was a bump. I stood up and looked around, I only saw a black cloth over the place and a big huge screen on the top with four countries were fighting with us said the Alien and the name of the three countries was Russia and Canada,America. And if that four countries have an red dot on each, so thats mean that people are arriving at the moment with their weapons.

I saw someone coming to me and it was small like a 5 year old and it came right up close to me. It said “Hello” I said “hello, what is this place?” “this place is only for the fighters where the bad people come and i will give you something because that is special. We are going to die on this fight, take this home and put it somewhere safe”. “Yes I will put it somewhere safe” I said. The present was a glass and snow inside the glass.

I walked back where I was before and when I landed I saw my mum. I said “Can you help me get up out of this hole please?” “Sure” said my Mum. “I’ll get something so it can get you up” Mum came back with a rope to help me climb back up. What a great adventure.

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