Friday, June 29, 2012

Pigeon Impossible

Pigeon Impossible 
plot: This short film was set in America and it is about the pigeon and the  Secret Agent the secret agent’s name was Walter Beckett. One day Walter came outside from a shop’s buying this yumming delicious doghnut and when he came  to the crossing  the road  the people were waiting for him to walk past them, But he was walking slow just watching around the people and the road then the people were beeping to him to hurry up, then  a car nearly crash him then he went and walk past this men and took the case of him but the man was walking past Walter didn’t even knew that Walter took it. And Walter went for a sit on the chair with his Yummy donut and suddenly he saw a bird staring at Walter’s donut and suddenly Walter got shook when he saw the pigeon staring at him, Then  the special Agent Walter broke a pieces of a donut to the pigeon but the pigeon didn’t like the little pieces he wanted the whole thing but then the pigeon jumped up and flapped her or he wings and went around Walter then Walter chucked it up and  then it hit the case and then it fell off but the case was still on the chair,Then the pigeon jumped up on the case and he jumped and the case shut him down and then the pigeon stood up and look at everywhere and he saw a blue button then pressed it and a red button came up and he pressed on then he look to the side there was a grey big button then he pressed and it jumped up and up and it even went faster and faster then the special agent saw this lady running and screaming because of the pigeon inside the case.Then the pigeon nearly shoot Walter but then Walter lay down on the floor and then he saw the donut beside him and then stood up hit the pigeon gave the donut to the pigeon and the came out of the case and the Agent jumped up ap an dnd then he hit his hand on the pigeon and the pigeon fell off the case and he throw the donut higher then it hit the Emergency Button then Walter looked up rocket was starting bomb a place which was Moscow,Russia but then air Walter Was going with his case to fly up in the air. Walter got this short cut  to bomb the Rocket. The name from the shortcut bomb was A mistle then Walter let go of the mistle then the mistle cut off the rocket then it was Crash into pieces.

Problem:The problem was because Walter throw the donut up high then it hit the RED BUTTON IT WAS ACTUALLY A DANGER BUTTON because that is for the rocket to blow up and the special Agent  saw the rocket ready to go up and he went over to the case and press the keyboards to a an other places and there were no place to blow up the bomb then they were no space to bomb the rocket, But here were one country it was Moscow,Russia.

Solution:They solve the problem by giving the donut to the pigeon, And also Walter had a mistle in his case and he shortcut broke up the rocket and it blew up.

Your opinion of the story: This short film is a better one than the Oktapodi, I really like this because how they act in the movie and the pigeon and the special Agent.My favourite part was when  the  Special Agent pressed the shoting thin but it didin’t workthen itso he open the case and the donut fell and then the pigeon flew down and got the donut,And the sad part was when the pigeon got swashed from the rocket.

Illustration of a character doing something from the story: Walter Beckett and the pigeon.

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