Friday, June 1, 2012

Tom and the Dragon

  One day there was a boy, his name was Tom he asked his Mum,“Can I please go for a play at the pier?”. Mum replied “Sure, but I am worried about you because there is a Dragon in the cave so never, ever go near. His teeth are as sharp as a shark’s sharp fin. When you go in his room it will be a mess, he will ask you for a game of chess but never, ever say yes. If you do he will barbecue you, or perhaps he will win. He will ask you to fight him with a sword, but never ever say yes. You will ask is it true that you can make bread in a blow, he will give you some fresh bread and some tea to go with it. He’ll say “I'll be gone do you want to soar high with me?”, but never, ever climb on his back. If you do he will take you up high and he will say “Open your eyes and look around”, you will fall and down, so never, ever look down. Watch out because he will eat you with one bite (Chomp Chomp).”

When the dragon saw the boy Tom the dragon was afraid of the boy because the Dragon’s Mum said “Never play, ever, nay, never with boys!”. The Dragon thought that the boy Tom would kill him and also Tom thought that the dragon would kill him.  

Tom was surprised and just stood and stared. After the boys talked they became best friends and the two mothers of Tom and the Dragon were saying nervous hellos. Tom  and  the Dragon never were enemies again.

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