Monday, August 13, 2012

Net book Descriptions

My netbook  was given to me at the beginning of the year.

My netbook is shiny inside and it has a blue sprinkles all around it near the mouse tap. When it closes it lights up when you lift up the lid. We have our names on it so you can tell which is which in Room 3. My netbook only makes sounds when it is turned on and when it doesn't make sounds then that means i’ve turned it off because other students might get disturbed from it. My netbook feels soft inside and my keypads are bouncy and loud when we press it hard. You have to be careful because if you play with it too hard and press it really, really hard the keys might drop off.

When I take my netbook home and it is rainy outside we always have a protective bag to put it in my bag so it won’t be wet and broken. When i don’t take my netbook home i always put my netbook in the C.O.W. so it can charged everyday so it can get more battery and be safe in the C.O.W.

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