Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympics Torch

I saw the flame on the stadium it was colourful.

The flame was gold and orange and it was made of metal, copper and it will be blown out when the Olympics is over.

When they started to lit up the flame it made a loud humming and was so noisy. The Olympic Torch is special because all of the countries will get a petal from the torch at the end of the Olympics.

The Olympic Flame started in Greece and all the countries come and join in because they have super winners in their countries and they are called Olympians.

The 2012 Olympics Torch was lit by four young people who one day could be Olympians.

The Torch is only used for the Olympic games and if the flame is on then that means the Olympics are still going on and if it is off then it means the Olympics are not going anymore, it has stopped.

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