Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What do I know about London?

Facts about London
1. The queen’s guards are all part of the house division
who have guarded the sovereign and the bad people and the royal palaces since 1660, uniforms for policies be dark blue uniforms are almost indistinguishable from black and earned the police,the nickname of the Boys and Blue.

2. In London it worth to booking or getting tickets in advance including The tower, and the policies uniforms are dark blue uniform and a white shirt,and some small helmets developed from the top hats worn early by policemens.

3.The famous people in london is Lord Byron, Robert Burns,Thomas Hardy they are most famous people in London,some of the policies helmets names are city of London police and the other is metropolitan police, these names are the two main police forces that patrol London.

4.In london they have two nickname for the polices,one is bobby and the other is called peelers,the tallest buliding in london is the canary whaft tower and 1,000 years old when the tower of London was built.
5. In London they have 24 span the thames in London,from kew bridge to tower bridge,London is the biggest city in and European,London was the first city in the world to have an underground railway.


salote said...

Wow lupe, that is so lovely and cool. I love your facts it so lovely.

Salote said...

Wow lupe, that is so lovely and cool. I love your facts it so lovely. I liked the way you write it. I like your story.

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