Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cinderella Story

Once upon a time there was Young Girl that lived with her father,stepmother and stepsisters.

The sisters and the mother were mean to Cinderella
they made her do all the work in the house and made her clean the beds, and let her stay home at all time. Cinderella never had a mother like this before mean to her, cinderella first mum was nice and kind to her. The stepmother gave cinderella torn clothes and not enough to eat. Suddenly the stepmother and the step sister went to town and they heard the announcement said to the whole kingdom. Hear! Hear! Hear! Hear! The king i have a grand ball and everyone is welcome to come tonight.

Then the sisters were excited to meet the king, After that night Cinderella dressed up her stepmother and the stepsister Because they were Lazy and Cinderella wanted to go too but they ignored her so they left and cinderella went to her room and crying softly and thought about how her mother was very nice to her.

Then suddenly a voice came out the window and it was a Fairy GodMother said Cinderella i am your Fairy GodMother and i am here to help you get to the kings grand ball and she helped Cinderella get dressed and wearing her Glass shoes just right for her and shining on her and she was beautiful.

Then the Fairy GodMother said you need to come before midnight course the magic will be over and your clothes will turn into torn, then she said Thank you! Then the Fairy GodMother change the mice into strong horses to draw the the wonderful carriage and the pumpkin was big and just right for Cinderella to sit on.

When Cinderella got there everyone look at her and stared and her and wonder who is she with that beautiful clothes then the King and the prince saw Cinderella walk forward and The prince charming ask Cinderella if he would dance with her and they dance and dance until the stepsisters came and wonder who is that girl dancing with the prince and Cinderella realize that it was nearly Midnight and Cinderella rushed outside to go back home before the magic is over and the prince like how cinderella was rushing.

Then Cinderella left one of her glass shoes and she got back home and prince said to the King i will find who wears this shoe and i will marry this person and the prince sent his ministry and the ministry check in the village where cinderella was and the ministry was looking for the for the person who fits the shoe then they checked 3 girls from the town and now the stepsister heard a knock! on the door and then she pen and they said can you please try this shoes on and we will know whose shoes was it on that night and that person will marry the prince charming then the two step sister tried the glass shoe and then it didn’t fit on them two and then Cinderella came in the corner and she tried it and it fit on her then cinderella married the prince and the Fairy GodMother was the guest and they lived happily ever after and the stepsister was very jealous.   

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