Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Life Education Van

This week, The Life Education Van came to visit St Pius X Catholic School. Room 3 went to see The Life Education Van and we went on Monday and on Tuesday. We met Lynn and she told us about healthy food.

She wants us to eat healthy food for our body and drink seven cups of water a day.  We also need other things like Exercise, love, sleep and washes. She also told us about the food pyramid.

Lynn told us about where the food goes. It goes inside the mouth  and then it goes to a tube called the Oesophagus.After that, it goes to the stomach. Lastly it goes, to the small intestines where it breaks up into small pieces. The good pieces goes to the blood and the bad pieces goes to the toilet.

Also, Harold told Room 3 that he was standing up top the roof  with his telescope and he saw an alien.

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