Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Manaiakalani Festival

On Wednesday 14th November  Saint pius X Catholic school went to the film festival at sylvia park.

After morning tea we lined up outside to go inside the bus to have a go. When we went to the bus we talked and laughed and finally we got to sylvia park and we lined up Outside the Hoyts and we walked inside the theatre. We sat outside and waited for the other school to come out so we can watch our Film festival and the others.

When we walked inside with our teacher Mr. Blackmoore
we saw the Black boards and Room 3 saw SPX and i said Hey that our ones, That is cool and suddenly we walked inside the Cinemas and we saw some of the school was already sitting in the front and we climbed up and some of Saint pius x catholic school sat on the other side at the bottom and Room2 and Room3 was the lucky school because they get to sit in the Big lucky chair because you can turn on the light on the side and you can turn on the rocker and have a relax.

Then we started the movie, we had an introduced, first it was Rachel and Sony they were from Saint pius x school from Room3 i was cheering from them two because they were very brave for saying there verse and not being shy like other kids in the Manaiakalani.

So we did our movie and we saw it and hope everyone liked our movie that we did Well done! Room3 for doing the Movie Then i was a little bit shy when it was my turn to turn up on the screen when i was holding my paper with my twin sister!

Our movie is called THREE WORDS!!

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