Thursday, June 27, 2013

Description about the Pool

Today I am going to describe you the pool.

The pool is as warm as a spa pool, it is indoor and it it covered with white tents that is called Marquee and the pool is 1 metre deep and 15 metres long.

The pool is in the tennis court and it is locked at home time and the weekends. Inside the pool it is heated with warm water and it is see through as the clouds and the water in the pool is comfortable.

The people from Mt Wellington Trust brought the pool and we borrow it and we had two Instructors and their names were Jillan and Kevin. They were teaching us how to swim and teach us new lessons. The shape of the pool is a rectangle and when you shout inside the pool to someone it echoes out on the courts.
When we learn with the swimming boards we glide and float with it and also we kick with it.

I enjoyed the pool with the Instructors at school.

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