Friday, June 14, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Two weeks ago our swimming pool arrived to our school some students were excited to have the Swimming Pool at our school.

It’s fun because the juniors get to swim everyday to learn their lesson, I was excited that we get to swim everyday. On the first day of Swimming we got changed into our togs then we grabbed our towels and our bags to the tents that Mr Coakley built for the students to get changed in. When we went inside we lined up and we hang our towels on the fence and looked over at the pool the pool was big. We got ready and split up into two groups, the first group was the ones that can swim and I was in it too and after that it was the second group. I got excited that the first group went first to the pool first. I climbed up the stairs and went down on the pool. I thought that this pool was the best because it was a big one and also the colour of it is dark blue and cool.

We had our first lesson our first lesson which was with the swimming boards, they help us swim and keep in touch with the boards. We had to glide with it to the end of the pool and back again. We eventually moved on to our other lesson, it was holding our breath. It was hard to hold my breath as long as I could and the winner was Ezra and Asipeli, they were good at holding their breath for a long time. We had to glide again without the board and not kick.

We were so good and had free time for 10 minutes at the end of the lesson. We finally had to come out, so the second group could have a turn. We all came out of the pool and took our towels and went inside the tents and got changed into our dry uniforms.

My favourite part of swimming lessons was when we were gilding without the broads.

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