Friday, June 28, 2013

Fuzzy the Bear!

Today I am going to describe to you Fuzzy the Bear and what he looks like, what he feels like and also what makes him special.

Fuzzy looks like brown as a chocolate and he is handsome like a kid, he is small like a mouse and he looks fat like a Hippo.

He feels soft as a blanket and he feels fluffy like a dog  and cuddly like a baby, Fuzzy’s big footprints on his feet looks like a dinosaur’s feet and his big round nose looks like a pig.

I've seen Fuzzy in my bedroom and inside the classroom, and he can also seen inside the shop or a car. Also someone could be walking around holding him, or maybe in a baby trolley.

Fuzzy needs to be looked after and he needs to sleep with someone at night and have fun with them. He needs to be taken care of and also he needs to be really loved by someone.

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