Friday, August 28, 2015

Cross Country Writing

Cross Country Writing:

On Thursday 27th August , Saint Pius X had cross country.
We had cross country after lunch time, during lunch time the Geckos went inside the hall for to practise our chant. But at the same time Tuis were there, so we decided we will go in the hall & they will go in the kitchen.

I was panicking because the time was ticking & not that much work has been done, I was nervous because we won’t be able to learn our chants in time. Suddenly the bell rang, everyone lined up outside in their house colours. Seeing them in their house colours are cool, you can tell which is which & it's bright. We walked down the hill and we went and sat down next to SDA church. When we went down we all sat down in our house colours.

Next up was the Room 4 & 3’s. We were all cheering for them, it was cool watching them run. Mr. Gaffney was taking them so they know where to run or else they will be lost. “On your marks, get set go!” Said Manu.
When the little kids were running, Mr. Slade called out “ Year 7 and 8’s”
I was nervous & I had butterflies in my stomach. Everyone was behind the line I could just imagine me falling straight away. “On your marks, get set go” said Manu.

I raced in the front, I was stucked at the back. When we went passed the rocks, I started running in the front, I saw supporters cheering and screaming “ Go Geckos” I smiled back, I had a stitch straight away.
I didn’t feel like stopping so I keep on running, went passed Mrs. Middleton near the alleyway, my throat was dry and I needed some water.
While I was running, I saw Claudia she had a asthma attack, I wanted to help but I needed to run, so I called out to Joseph for help.

I didn’t feel like running but I had to keep on going. When we came down the hill on the last round, I heard the kids cheering I was relieved that I have finally reached the finish line. At the end of the day we sang our chant.
Kiwis and Tuis and Keas chant was great. As we sang our song we were a bit shy and unorganized. I was embarrassed because we didn’t know what to sang.

When we finished our chant, the teachers add up the points and they announced the winner, “The winner is Kiwis” said Mr. Coakley. I was so happy because they did deserved it and it is there first time on the shield. Even though we came third but atleast we had fun.

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