Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rainbow Fish

06/08/15  :  The Rainbow Fish
Rainbow Fish:
I think that Rainbow fish took the right decision to share his scales among his friends, even though he was happy with his scales but you always needs to remember to think about others before yourself.
Even though Rainbow Fish was proud with the way he looks, but he gave them to his friends and he was still happy.

  1. Rainbow fish took the right decision to help his friends.
  2. He had the virtue of Love, he felt sorry for his friends, so he decided to share what he has to make his friends happy.
  3. Rainbow fish choose that no matter how he looks he should at least share what is important to him.


Rainbow fish did a good thing by giving some of his scales away. Not only he made his friends felt good, but also felt good too. Sometimes it not all about having a beautiful body, it's about sharing and giving it to others and also having a good personality.  

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