Friday, August 9, 2013

The Ant Army

There were lots of Female ants who were working at the backyard of a school. The female ants were in a tunnel of the colony and gathered together. The female workers were lined up in a long line because they had found a hole and they came out of the hole. They saw that they were behind a big school and they marched up to the schools and walked past the bags hanging up on the hook. There was one bag that had dropped down to the floor so all the ants all slipped down and inside the bag. There were Marbles and a few books. There were Balls and one sock and a muddy rolled up jumper. The sergeant shouted “lunchbox” and they all gathered for the lunch and they opened the yellow plastic box. The lid was loose and the ants squeezed under the lid and marched inside the lunchbox. The sergeants inspected the contents.

The sergeant's eyes were wide because she saw a cream doughnut.
They went towards the doughnut and the unwrapped the plastic wrap from the doughnut. They took the doughnut and broke it into bits then they marched back to their colony. They knew their sergeants wouldn’t have ordered them back if they were in Danger. A minute later almost immediately the sound of feet running, feet thundered down the corridor. They doubled their running because someone was coming. The feet nearly came closer to them. As the ants neared the entrance to their colony the feet were so close that the ants could see the soles of the shoes overhead. The sergeants rushed the rest of her platoon forward, down into the tunnels. Some of the ants were crushed from the feet. At last some of the ants enter safely into the colony, She checked the over company, “dismiss” shouted the sergeant.
That was the last order for the morning and now the ants could relax as their job was done and everyone had a big feast.

My favourite part of the story was when there were at the schoolyard when they got surprised.

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