Monday, August 19, 2013

X Crountry

Wow! its Country day! I can’t wait to run a long course and it going to be awesome! On Tuesday 13th August Saint Pius X School had X Country.

Cross Country was in the Tennis Courts and their were lots of parents that came to watch their children run. Some of the St Mary’s College Girls were our helpers. First of all the 12 year old was first to start the races. I was nervous because it was nearly my age to go. I cheered for the 12 years old. They took a photo before they had their race and then Miss G the  clapped the blocks and they begin to run. I saw some of them they were shock when the blocks clapped.Next it was the 11 years old and they did the same thing as the 12 years old did. I was getting a sore stomach because it was my turn to go. We heard the block slap together and I ran as fast as I could go. We went down the hill and we have to slow down before we fall over. I just jog before I get trip over by a rock.

I ran and I got the Stitch and I stop and I didn't want to be last in the race and I ran with my hand on my hip and I ran so I could catch up to the others in the front of me. My stitch was gone and I ran as fast as I could. Annalise caught up to me and she said “Do you have a drink?” and I said “No” and my throat was dry and I needed water too. We went up to Melling Street and went down and I heard the St Mary’s girls cheering for me “Good on You”, I smiled back. I saw my sister and Salote in the front so I needed to catch up because she said “Run!”. I saw the 11 years old, they were power walking then I went past them. I went down and I saw Mafu and my sister and Salote still running to reach to the end. I went around and I power walked and then I ran. I asked Salote for a hand because I had a stitch and I was at the end then we raced up and saw Petra saying “What house are you in?” and I said “Geckos” and she said ok. I saw my sister at the tennis courts and she was huffing and puffing and I was surprised because my sister came 2nd in the race and Monique came 1st and 3rd was Joanna and I came 4th. I went and sat down and I was really tired and my cheeks were red.
I was proud of myself that I made it to the end and I did a very good run and I couldn't wait to watch the juniors run. I need more practise for the next Cross Country.

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