Wednesday, August 21, 2013

St. Pius X Feast Day

This week for Religious Education. Room 3 was learning about St. Pius X because it was his Feast day today. This is a picture that shows all about St. Pius X life when he growed up. St. Pius X was born on June 2, 1835 and and he grew up in Italy. His full name is Joseph Sarto his name was changed when he was a Pope and it was changed to St. Pius X. St. Pius X died on August 18 1907. He had four Brothers and four sisters. When he went to school he saved one pair of shoes which is all he had. He was poor, he wanted to help the poor people. He wanted to be a Priest and he went and studied to become a Pope, he followed four step to become Pope. He had to become a Priest, Bishop and Cardinal to end up being a Pope. When he became Pope he allowed children to have their Holy Communion. Before then it was only the Adults that got to have the Eucharist. St. Pius X wanted to be poor and die poor. He didn't want rich things when he was a pope and all those Jewellers and Gold stuff because he knew that there are other people in this world that were poor and he just wanted to be like them.

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