Friday, August 2, 2013

The Rainbow Birds

Tropical Venezuelan      Brown Jay

Long, ago in South America there were many birds at the forest on a long tree. They were brown, black and white birds on the tree. The birds were jealous of colourful things like Butterflies, Grass and flowers. They wanted to be colourful like the rainbow in the sky.

Some of the birds tried rubbing the pink flowers on themselves so they could be colourful. Some of them rubbed green leaves on themselves and smashed the berries on themselves. One night it was a rainy day and stormy night and the rain washed their colours away and they were back to their natural colours. When the rainy day was finished, in the morning the birds loved the shining Rainbow in the sky. They watched the rainbow and after that something was wrong with the rainbow, it was dark and its shining colours were turning darker and the rainbow was disappearing. There were a bright shiny colour from the sky appear and it was a bird, he was a phoenix.

He down and asked for help to attacked the 100,000 roaches and some of the birds agreed to help the Phoenix and some of them didn't  because that was not their business. The Phoenix went with the birds that wanted to help and the others stayed.

When they went to the dark rainbow they had no sign of roaches, then they heard buzzing sounds. The roaches went to fight the birds and the Phoenix. They were struggling to fight the roaches because there were too many so they ate them and threw them to the ground and the Birds saved the Rainbow.

The Birds went through the rainbow and suddenly they turned into colourful colours just like the Rainbow, they were the birds of the Rainbow. When they went back to their forest the other birds that didn't help they were jealous that that didn't get colourful colours on them. My Favourite Part Was When The birds Went through The Rainbow and They Were Colourful.

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