Wednesday, September 4, 2013

St. Pius X Feast day

Wow! I can not wait for the fun day today. On the 23th Friday August 2013 Saint Pius X Catholic School celebrated St. Pius X Feast Day because our school is named after St. Pius X and that’s why we are celebrating it.

The whole school went to the church in the morning to have a whole school mass. When we finished having mass we had to go to the hall to eat the cake. It was a big cake and long. It had white cream on top and it was banana cake, I love banana cake. There were girls from Room7 who helped the teachers cut the cake and share them out to the school. Meleseini and Maxine cut the cake first then we clapped our hands. When they both cut the cake out they shared the out. Mrs Denney gave me a piece of cake. I took a bite it was yum and delicious. When we finished eating the cake the bell rang it was time for the concert. Some of the Room 7 girls and boys introduced us for the concert. Room 3 was singing Haere Mai and Something in the water. Ezra was the soloist in Haere mai and I was the soloist in Something in the water. When it was time for Room 3 I was nervous to sing in front of the whole school. My legs were shaking because it was my turn to sing. My cheeks were red and I was scared. While I was singing I didn’t feel nervous anymore and I wasn’t scared. We finished the song and I felt like I am not shy anymore, I felt proud instead.

I liked Room 6 and Room 7’s song when they were doing them. Room 6 was singing a Tongan song and some of the class were playing Ukes and some were singing. Room 7 were playing different instruments and they were playing the drums and the marimba and other instruments. It was cool because I could hear differences beats from different instruments. The bell rang and we went for lunch and we had a visitor after lunch and her name was Linda and she was
playing the euphonium, she was good at it. It was nearly home time for us so we finished St. Pius X day with a basketball tournament and it was fun. This was a fun day of St Pius X Feast day.

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