Friday, October 11, 2013

Holiday Recount 12 :)

Hi Room 3 and People who are reading my Holiday recount.

Today We are going to pick up some appliances at Pakuranga. I just finished having a cup of tea. It wasn't tea it was coffee and milk. Coffee and Milk are yum with bread. I am in love with the breads at the bakery. So Yummy! My sister is listening to Ginny Black moor (Sing for me) that is her favorite singer. We are heading there then I and my sister are going to My Mum and Dad's house and practice singing because we are going to perform it tomorrow  I am nervous because I don't know anyone from the audience.

We are going to performer it at my Aunt's church they have church on Saturday. It the seventh day church. Then we are going to favona for a concert of my Nana's Village at Tonga. It will be fun. I am going to wear a Green and Yellow dress it pretty and beautiful. 

Bye thnx for reading my recount! 

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