Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Holiday Recount 9 ! :)

Willy Wonka Bars
Hi Guys! Welcome to my Holiday Recount number 9! I can't wait for school to start. Because We have a competition to win a bike. Who ever post lots about their Holidays. I don't know how many have I post? How about you? Okay!

Today I and my sister and Aunty,Nana went to the Doctor at 8.00 Am.We had to get up really early so that we could be first to the Dr. enter. I felt sleepy when I was walking inside the Van. I wanted to sleep again but I could not because on our way to the doctor, my head was moving everywhere. I went to Dr. Fattah he was an Indian man, I guess?. He was a cool Dr. I was coffing and I was sick. My sister had stomach ace and also Rash . It was a little bit bad. Then we went to the chemist and brought us a cream and some Tablets. Then we went to the shops and I brought me a Wonka Bar, the chocolate bar. It was yummy. The chocolate inside was light. 
My sister brought her chocolate bar. It was bubbly and that chocolate was too sweet but it was yummy too. Then we went to the bakery and buy us some brown bread and it was Seven Dollars and twenty cents.

Then we came back and had Tea. My sister is eating bread with bananas's I'm going to have breakfast after. Then we are going to my Mum and dad's house. We got singing practice to do. We are going to perform it on Saturday. It going to be fun over there.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy my Boring day! But it will be fun on these days! Graciaos

Thank  you!

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