Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Brithday :P

Happy Brithday
Briana Vave
Happy Birthday Briana!
Today it's my niece's Birthday today. 1st October. Tomorrow it my older sister's Birthday and it is her sweet 16! birthday!. I can't wait. What will I do for Briana's Birthday today. Let me think?????? 

Okay Today we are going to Sylvia Park and Rainbow Ends I can't wait..... I will go on the Fair fell.... Heewooh :) Then I will go on lots of rides with her. Then we will buy her a nice yum cake and her  name will be on it. A candle on it number 3 She is 3 years old I can't believe.:) See yah:) Cacth you up later need to go and hang out with Briana :) look at my other diaries.

 DON'T STOP BELIEVE HAHAHA :) This also my Holiday Recount Number 4 :) Hope you enjoy!!!!

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