Friday, October 18, 2013


We are having a cool kiwi sport this term!

Saint Pius X Catholic School has a Kiwisport at the hall.
Room 3 is going after Morning Tea. We lined up outside our classroom ready to go to squash. When we went inside the hall we saw some rackets and some softballs. We also saw a big plastic wall. We sat down in front of the wall. There were two boys that had introduced us. Their names was Phil and Michael. Then they showed us a tip of squash. They told us the rules about squash. The champion of our class is Patrick.

Today Michael and Phil came with a real squash ball. They made the
wall at the back another wall like the real squash wall. three times bigger. The rules for squash is i f you serve that ball  and it hit under the 1st line you’re out. If you hit over the 3rd line then you’re out. The ball only have to bounce once in squash. If it bounces twice you’re out. If the person is at your way and he or her is blocking it you can’t just hit it the ball when that person is standing there. That is called a LET. Michael and Phil drawn on a small broad and that is for the students who need practise and skills. The real ball of squash is a small black ball. It not bouncy but it very fast. The rackets that we are using it a little bit short. The real Rackets is long and tall.

When you play squash for real you go inside this room.There is a wall in front of you and behind you. The wall is white and the lines are red. The wall are white so you can see the tiny black ball. Michael and Phil are just teaching us for only three days. We had a fun time with Michael and Phil. I hope we have squash. They came and teach us how to play squash.         

Squash was invented from a Harrow school around 1830.  Harrow school is in England.
Nicol David and Ramy Ashour is the top 2 champion players of squash in the world. Nicol is from Malaysia and Ramy is from Egypt.

You wear Balance running shoes or some specialized footwear. Comfortable sport clothing. The mens usually wear shorts and T-shirt or a Polo shirt.  Players must wear eye Protection and also a Fast swinging Racket or the ball. These are the clothing for squash.

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