Sunday, October 6, 2013

Holiday Recount 8 :)

Happy Sabbath

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Holiday Recount number 8. I hope you enjoy!
We have Scrament today because it is the first Sunday of the month.

I dressed up in the morning and I was wearinhg Green and Yellow. Because our group colour is Green and Yellow.
I went and sat down on the bench at church. I was waiting for my Mum to do my Ta'ovala.
She came and helped me did it. I went inside and sat down. We sang the welcome song and then the Paster came. We did a Grace with him and we start singing some church songs. After that it was time for our group to show our performances to the audience. We sang while we were doing the actions. Then we finished doing our actions. I felt happy that we perfome a good actions to the audience. 

Then we sang another song and I was feeling excited for the next thing. Because it was time for us to do our sacrament. Scrament is like drinking the blood of Jesus christ. The bread is when we eat the body of  christ. We started our Scrament now. The Stewart and the Paster did their Sacrament first. They Helped us served it to the people in our chruch. My Dad is one of the Stewart. He serves the bread. The other man serves the wine to people in our church too.
Then the ladies and some people. The childrens went last to get their Sacrament. I enjoy drinking the Wine and also the bread.
When we finished out Sacrament we did a Grace for the end of the day. Then I went over to my Mum if I can have some breads.

 She gave me some for my brother and my cousin's. I drank some wine too. It was pretty Yum by the way! Thank you for reading my diaries. I hope you enjoy! Thank you!

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