Monday, September 30, 2013

Holiday Recount 3

The Happy Days
Hi Everyone! Are you guys having fun! :)

Last night I and my sisters and my little brother and my Mum went to a Restaurant. We went with some of our church's member. The Restaurant is called The Happy Days.

We went over to the Restaurant at 5.00 Pm the Restaurant finishes at 10.00 Pm. I was feeling excited about that. We went inside the Restaurant and book it then we sat down on the table. Some church were there and it was full of people. After that we went and got some plates and food. First of all I picked up some fish and chips. The fish was cooked well and the chips too. Then I picked up some sauce and I went over and grab me some bronze. Bronze are delicious. Then I picked up some Lettuce and butter chicken. I sat down and eat. The food were delicious. I got full. I waited and Waited. I was hungry again and I went and got me some Ice cream and fruit salad and some cakes. I came and sat down again. 

Then I came and eat it. I was full and I looked at the time it was 6.00 Pm. I went outside with my sisters and my little brother and played outside with some of the church's member's. We played racing and Tiggy. We took Photos of my Sister's I pod. It was cool. I went inside it was 6.33 Pm. Some of the people came out and in.
We saw some of our cousins in the Restaurant. My Mum and the church member's came out of the Restaurant at 9.15 Pm. When I got home my stomach was sore and I wad feeling tired my cheeks were red and I was feeling sleepy. When I woke up this morning I felt like I wanna go back to the Restaurant again. I was thinking I should share this with you guys. 

Oh wait! While My sister and brothers got to the Restaurant at 5.00 Pm There was a Bus fulled of church one Women from their church came and open our van at back boot and I was shocked that someone just opened our van. I don't know her. She was about to put her hat at out Van. She got shocked and she closed the door. Then she came and said to my Mum Sorry I thought that was our Van. My Mum said that's alright. When she left. I laughed! My Mum said that it was her fault because she forgot to lock the van while we were waiting inside it. But there were only a Bucket and a rugby shoes at the back! hahaha I laughed.

Bye  Everyone! I hope you enjoy my Holiday recount as you read on! I will post some more today or Tomorrow  I will see what will happened tomorrow. Gracious 

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